Apr 21

Time traveller photographed at 1940’s bridge opening

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There are many things I don’t know about time travel, for example, are you allowed to keep your clothes and if you step on a butterfly will you loose a limb instantaneously or will you gradually fade whilst holding a photograph of you and your siblings from your childhood…?

This photograph; which was part of the Bralorne-Pioneer: Their Past Lives Here Exhibition is exhibited at the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Of course you can see the guy that’s got the Internet in a tizzy, he sticks out like an eccentric at a 1940’s bridge re-opening. Could the fedora-less man in modern looking clothes really be a time traveller? If so, why would he choose to travel to a bridge re-opening in a sleepy mining town in Canada as opposed to a monumentally historic moment or a lively party he once read about.

There’s alot of analysis on forgetomori and more facetious analysis on fark.

So what do you think? Is this guy a time traveller?

If he really is a time traveller I’d be fine with that. What concerns me is that if this man genuinely was a man of his time dressing like a “hipster” and attending small town ceremonies then does that mean that today’s fashion eccentrics will be looked upon as ahead of their time when their photographs are seen by a future generation?

  • ummmm… Photoshop much??? :)

    Technically if you apply Einstein’s laws of relativity if we ever achieve light speed travelling we could achieve time travel. so not very far fetched as anything that would enter a warp vortex or wormhole would be shredded to pieces at a sub atomic level…

    Then again… in the future we might be able to construct force fields or alloys that can protect us against those effects… only problem is that these sort of leaps in technology only come with war in large because war is the only force strong enough to justify spending the amount of money required for that.

    But imagine being able to get to the other side intact… it would be awesome wouldn’t it???

    In a related note… didn’t sunglasses with those flaps protecting the sides and top were a big hit at that time???

    G… I sound like a NERD!!!