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May 27

Lost Alternative Ending {Misc-uity}

LOST is over and after 6 years and watching every single episode; no one’s still sure about what actually happened. Well someone found this and now it makes a little more sense!! Thanks to [Geekologie]

May 27

Something About Eleanor Rigby {Carl Packman}

Douglas Coupland, the author of Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture and populariser of the word McJob – to mean unskilled work, product of the transformation from industrial to postindustrial labour – suffered loneliness when he was a young man, influencing his later novel Eleanor Rigby. He once spoke of his lonely experiences in …

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May 27

Stefans Top Ten Books

After our Editors put out a call for peoples top ten books, I felt inclined to answer. After picking up reading faster than then my infanthood classmates and having a (some would say) overactive imagination, I’ve always loved *cliché* escaping into books. From biographies of drug traffickers to Bible Psalms, books have always been a …

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May 26

The World Cup; A Celt's Thoughts {Ceri's Column}

Well, we didn’t get there again. Not only did Wales fail to get even close to the finals, but not a single Celtic nation will be at  the first World Cup to be held in Africa. Nice one, assholes. But I’m used to it and…well, see…I do love the World Cup, y’know. I really do. …

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May 24

Stefans TV Picks: 24th May 2010

Monday 24th Ignoring the annoying script and its bum-numbing runtime, Titanic did give us the pairing of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, a pair able to convey the feeling of adventure and love in an otherwise pretty mediocre movie. We get to see this partnership once again on Sky Movies Drama and Romance at 22.10 …

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May 23

TV Preview: The Seasons with Alan Titchmarsh; Autumn

I love a good wildlife documentary, If they’re done right they can be relaxing and informative at the same time. Frost Magazine were allowed a preview of ITV’s current offering ‘The Seasons’ so we can tell you all about it. In ‘The Seasons’; gardening zen master Alan at-one-with-nature Titchmarsh takes us through the seasons and …

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