Aug 12

Rounding up the Week {Miscuity}

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I hope you’re having a lovely day, here’s some of the weeks best thingummies to distract you from work. Hope you enjoy them.





Slime mould that makes decisions like humans.

Brainless single cell organism that makes decisions like humans, read the full article here, then go and watch some disturbing videos.

The best quitting story of the week.

Stephen Slater quit his job at JetBlue after launching into a tirade, grabbing a can and jettisoning down the emergency ramp. We’ve all had days like that.

The other quitting story…

When Jennifer the PA quit her job using a dry wipe board and 33 photos outting her boss for playing farmville everyone thought “wow that’s amazing because no one would ever do that”. It turned out no one ever did do that and it was a hoax all along. The actress playing Jenny turned out to be Elyse Porterfield who applied for the role through Actors Access.

Freak storm in Finland ruins a lovely day within seconds.

Watch out for the scary face at 00:56 and all the birds deciding they’ve had enough. [via Boing Boing]