Feb 23

Onken Vanilla with Chocolate Flakes Yoghurt Reviewed {Food}

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What I’m snacking on today… Onken’s Vanilla yogurt with chocolate flakes. So January’s over and new year’s resolutions to get fit have been dropped for another 11 months. It doesn’t mean we can’t mix a little healthy food in with our naughty treats does it? That’s what I’m aiming to do.

Onken has launched its latest flavour – Limited Edition Creamy Vanilla with Chocolate Flakes. It’s only on sale for a short period of time and hopes to be an alternative to the big-pot-of-fruit-yoghurt market.

So dessert style yoghurts are nothing new, with cheesecakes and fudge dessert style yoghurts floating around, so vanilla with chocolate flakes doesn’t seem all that adventurous. However, this product has something the others don’t…it comes in an enormous pot.

Apart from eating it on its own, you can pour it over fruit or mix it with muesli or granola. I would be tempted to eat it with chocolate fudge cake. Yep, diet definitely over.

The Onken Limited Edition Creamy Vanilla with Chocolate Flakes yogurt comes in a 450g big pot and is available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose & Morrison’s in the UK, RSP £1.25.