Apr 12

Adam Garcia shows off his new look

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First it was milk, putting a creamy smear on the top lip of stars like Pixie Lott, Gordon Ramsay and Usher.

Now West End dancing star Adam Garcia (also a judge on Sky 1’s popular Got To Dance show) has been snapped modelling a purple moustache in honour of new daily health shot Mune.

Adam says: ‘I drink Mune to help keep me functioning at my very best. I need a strong immune system to give me the strength and endurance to do something very physical like tap dancing.

‘It’s a great daily boost which I like to drink in that funny time of day between breakfast and lunch when you feel a bit peckish and want something healthy to top you up. It’s a good kick start to your immunity each day.’

Mune is now available to buy online at www.muneboost.co.uk and through leading wholesalers Marigold Health Foods and The Health Store (www.thehealthstore.co.uk). Retail stockists also include: Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Revital, Nutri Centre, Food For Thought, Natural Health in Welwyn Garden City and Hertford and Healthy & Wise in Harpenden.

The shots
Mune Original contains: black elderberry, active manuka honey 10+, lemon, ginger, Montmorency cherry, aloe vera, elderflower, beta glucan, inulin fibre, vitamin D.

Mune Revive contains: black elderberry, active manuka honey 10+, lemongrass, coconut, pineapple juice, aloe vera, nettle extract, elderflower, inulin fibre, vitamin D.

There are currently two products in the range: Mune Original and Mune Revive which share core immune-boosting ingredients. The 55ml shots contain a special recipe including black elderberry, active manuka honey 10+, inulin fibre and vitamin D.

Each product is then enhanced with additional high-quality ingredients to meet specific seasonal challenges such as beta glucan to help protect against colds and flu in Original, and nettle extract to help prevent allergies and hayfever in Revive.
There are 3 pack sizes of each variant: Individual boosts cost £2.30, a weekly pack of 7 individual boosts costs £11.50 and a family size 500ml bottle of 9 boosts costs £11.50.