Jun 20

Frost Loves…Bobble Bottle

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Here it Frost we love simple ways to be environmentally friendly and save money, which is why we love the Bobble Bottle. It filters water as you drink it. I first saw it on a film set (a place not so big on saving the environment, one film I did, the cast and crew went through 2,000 bottle of water EVERY SINGLE DAY) and instantly wanted one. I asked the actor where she got it and she said John Lewis, a quick trip to John Lewis confirmed that they don’t sell them anymore. So that left ol’ faithful Amazon.

They come in a number of different sizes and colours. The Bobble Bottle – Replacement Filters (Magenta)
last for three months and cost about £6.99 to replace. It saves you money on bottled water and you use less evil plastic. Each filter equates to at least 300 water bottles, A win win situations. I bought one for myself and for quite a few other people too.

The Bobble Bottle definitely gets the Frost stamp of approval.

  • Bought my bobble the other day – after washing through a few times, the taste is great! One niggle, the water doesn’t squirt out quick enough to have a big gulp – probably personal taste.. :)