Nov 06

Guide To The Perfect Secret Santa Gift

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It’s that time of the year. Yes, the one where you have to somehow buy people presents that they won’t hate.

This is even harder, and far more treacherous, when buying for someone at work who you don’t really know. Getting Secret Santa gifts can be a minefield. So here are a few tips and tricks.

1) Do your research.

Think about the personality of the person you are buying for. Are they girlie? Sporty? Metrosexual? Don’t buy Shirley, who loves pink and teddy bears, a war DVD.

2) Go edible.

The best presents are usually edible. No re-gifting, no fake thank you’s, just eating. Hmm, what more could you want? Try and find out if anyone has any allergies or dislikes. Chocolate is a good bet. Or bubble bath.

3) Watch out for allergies or religious beliefs.

Rule out anything offensive or jokey. You never know how someone will take it and you need to work with these people all year. If you don’t get fired.

4) Play it safe.

Scented candles, bath oils, chocolate, a good book. Go for things everyone likes.

5) Be generous.

Don’t be known as the cheap person in the office. It’s always worth spending a few extra pounds and showing some class.

6) But not too generous.

You don’t want to embarrass people, or make the feel they have to reciprocate with something equally expensive. Or worse, think that you fancy them!

And more importantly, have fun!