Jan 19

Should You Throw Your Makeup Out?

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The average women spends £130 a year on makeup and Debenhams says 68% of women only replace makeup when it has ran out. But should we really be putting this stuff on our face? Especially when it’s probably years old. Women put 515 different chemicals on their face A DAY.

I never took the expiration dates on makeup very seriously until I read an article in Elle where the writer sent her makeup to a lab to be tested. The results were not pretty, and that bacteria and candida(!) affects your skin. If you want good skin, don’t wear makeup.

Luckily EU guidelines require make up has the expiry date displayed on the label. The little jar on the back of your makeup with the number and ‘M’ next to it is it’s expiration date in months.

A general guide to makeup expiration dates are:

Mascara: six months. (though remember that if you are pumping the wand in and out you will be letting air in and it will let bacteria in. Be very careful with things that go near your eye)
Pencils: 18 months (though I have an eyeliner that has an expiration of 3 years on the back)
Power based make up: 2 years. Though this can be less if you are using your fingers.
Foundation: 3-6 months.
Lipstick: one year
Concealer: 6 months

Don’t ever share cosmetics and make sure the lid is on good and tight. Also store it in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight.