Mar 11

Cheaply Does It.

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With the recession kicking in people are looking for ways to save money, or make some more. Of course the best way to save money is not to spend any, but that is not convenient or realistic sometimes. At the moment inflation is kicking our butts and it costs a bomb just to go to work. If you are lucky enough to have a job.

So, what to do? There are a lot of coupon sites now. You can check for a leapfrog coupon so you can save money on little fun things, or just things you need. If you save money then you save time. So combine things that are educational and entertaining at the same time. Buy any kids or nephews/nieces you have an educational fun toy or products for their birthdays.

Entertainment can be done cheaply. DVDs can be bought cheap and cheap tickets can be found last-minute.

Another way to save is to buy in bulk. The more you buy the cheaper it usually is. If you don’t buy a lot of stuff on your own then you can go shopping with friends and then it will be cheaper for you all.

Only shopping in sales is a good way to save. Never waste your money by buying something full price. You just don’t need to nowadays. Shop online and compare prices. Also make do and mend with the things you have.

Another good way of saving is to buy expensive stuff. No, really, that old adage that if you buy cheap you buy dear is true. Buying expensive stuff will last longer and work out cheaper in the long run. Buying an expensive pair of shoes and getting them resoled regularly and polishing them yourself will make any outfit look great. You will never look literally down at heel. Also, when you buy expensive shoes you can wear high street clothes and still look stylish and well dressed.

Libraries are incredibly underused, dust off your library card if you have not used yours recently. There are tons of books, but also DVDs and CDs.

Scour charity shops for clothes, books, CDs, things for your home. Or do a swap shop. If you need to see a chiropractor then maybe think of doing a skills exchange with someone else. Everyone has something to offer someone else. Whether that is something you do as a profession or as a hobby.