Apr 13

Hunger Games Actors Before They Were Famous

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Photographer Tyler Shields worked with the Hunger Games actors before they became famous. We have the photographs and the low-down on what they were like even though super busy Tyler is preparing for the opening of “Mouthful” which takes place at Ace Gallery, LA’s largest private gallery (the size of a City block) just down the street from LACMA. His opening nights are I N S A N E.




























Josh Hutcherson: The first time I shot Josh he was 16, he busted his head open in my bathroom, so our relationship started off on a good foot! We created a real ruckus – full speed running down a street firing a gun. I don’t know anyone who I’ve shot who loved the shoot more than he did.





























Leven: She is a delight to work with and always delivers! I’ve shot her in Wall Mart in New Mexico, we’ve broken into buildings together, she’s smashed cake in my face, I introduced her to her ex-fiance! Our relationship runs deep!















Kalia with Tyler Shields















Kalia: the 1st time I met her her mom was there – because she was 15. He mom told me she had a Black Belt in Taekwondo and she could do these amazing high kicks – if you could see those kicks! She was really game for it. To be 15 and able to do things like that and deliver what she can – you’ve got to be amazing.