Jun 03

Myleene Klass’s Husband Leaves her on her Birthday.

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The Presenter is ‘devastated’ after her husband walked out on her on her 34th birthday, leaving her and her two children alone.

The couple have been together for 11 years and married for 6 months. The couple had been engaged for five years. The couple met when Graham was Myleene’s bodyguard when she was in pop group Hear’Say.

According to The Sun, Graham dumped Klass on April 6 this year – her 34th birthday. “Myleene had no idea that Graham was going to leave her.

“They only got married a few months ago and she thought everything between them was great. It came as a massive shock to Myleene and she’s heartbroken.”

Her friends are angry with him, especially as she has been left holding the babies. It’s an awful situation.”