Jun 20

Union Jack Rose Flag | Cool Things.

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When I saw this Union Jack flag made of roses I thought it was pretty cool and unusual. With the Olympics just around the corner, OnlyRoses the UK’s finest rose specialist are flying the flag for Great Britain with their spectacular Infinite Rose Union Jack arrangement. Made from Royal Blue, White and Scarlet Infinite Roses (648 in total) the flag took over seven hours to assemble and will last for a year or more without the need for watering.

Infinite Roses are premium Ecuadorian roses which have been preserved in natural oils to retain the delicate shape and texture of each flower. Available in a wide variety of colours (including the more unusual shades of black and dark green), so every flag from around the world can be recreated using these beautiful, long lasting Roses.

22,680 rose petals have been preserved to create this Union Jack Flag, which weighs 38lbs, measures 180cm x 90 and retails at £6,000

Available for any country, sizes from 120cm x 60cm (£2,775)