Jul 19

Jack The Ripper’s London 2012

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You’ve seen the films, walked the tours and heard the rumours – now, live the experience. Jack the Ripper’s London is a promenade, interactive recreation of a Whitechapel street, above and beyond conventional theatre. Perfect for adults and children (11+) alike, allow our actors to transport you to the streets of London, 1888 in a specially converted tunnel. You will follow the story of the last victim, Mary Kelly, and her turbulent relationship with her boyfriend. From market place to music hall, pub to pavement, meet the vigilantes and police, share a drink with the colourful characters of the East End and maybe…just maybe…follow the footsteps of the illusive and infamous Jack the Ripper.

Contained within an original 19th Century archway below the rumble of London Bridge trains, enjoy the songs of Victorian London and the dances of by-gone Music Halls. All this with just a dash of local knowledge and a morsel of mystery, we invite you to learn, feel and experience Jack the Ripper’s London.

Number 10, Bermondsey Street *To be kept secret* The show begins as a “tour”..

This unique and new arts space is the perfect location to re-visit the smoggy streets of Victorian London. With original exposed brickwork and a licensed bar, this labyrinth of tunnels hides a surprise around every corner. Containing our very own Ten Bells Public House and market street, the lofty tunnels and complex passageways lend themselves to immersing the audience members completely in the world of Jack the Ripper’s London.

Educational Packages

Crow Theatre have designed Jack the Ripper’s London around factual events from 1888; more than telling the story of Jack the Ripper, the piece is an opportunity to bring our cultural heritage to life and experience history. We are offering participation opportunities for local school children and have developed appropriate tasks for school trip groups and younger members of the audience. These stimulate learning and encourage them to engage with the set, the cast and the experience as a whole, discovering secrets of the past to help them complete their worksheets.

Crow Theatre have created a show that crosses generations and will entertain and inform all ages from 11 upwards. Jack the Ripper’s London is an educational tool for schools and youth groups, including National Curriculum subjects to support academic learning, whilst at the same time engaging and inspiring.

Crow Theatre

Based in South London and fully connected to our local community, Crow create interactive theatre events, run workshops and provide affordable tailor-made packages for businesses and community organisations.

As a non-profit organisation, our priority is to encourage the whole community to participate in the Arts and change the way we experience theatre.

Director, Natasha Campbell originally trained as an actress. She started developing her own work locally in South London in 2008 in non-traditional spaces and immersive format, in order to reach new audiences. With her three shows with Crow she has explored how the audience experience theatre and pushed the boundaries of what theatre can be.

She recently completed the Directors Traineeship with StoneCrabs Theatre and is excited about directing Jack the Ripper’s London, as much as she is about developing it with school children.

Supported by Producer Berte Watkins, a young producer at the BAC, Old Vic Tunnels and Wilton’s Music Hall and ex-Hollyoaks actor, Paul Leyshon, Crow Theatre are fast becoming one of South London’s leading modern theatre companies.


Book Tickets now only £12

Tickets can be booked in advance at http://www.seetickets.com/ Customers not holding tickets can call on the day to check availability and/or arrive 15 minutes early to purchase from the tour guide.

Performances of Jack The Ripper’s London will take place on:

Thursday 19th July – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Friday 20th July – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Saturday 21st July – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Sunday 22nd July – 12pm/3pm

Wednesday 25th July – 12pm/3pm

Thursday 26th – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Friday 27th July – 12pm/3pm

Saturday 28th July – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Sunday 29th July – 12pm/3pm

Wednesday 1st August – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Thursday 2nd August – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Friday 3rd August – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Saturday 4th August – 12pm/3pm/8pm

Sunday 5th August – 12pm/3pm

Meeting Point; Exit London Bridge Station at Tooley Street exit, turn left and meet outside Number 1 London Bridge, at the stone spike, next to Evans Cycles.