Jul 31

Man on a Ledge | Film Review

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Man on a Ledge is a smart, fast-paced thriller. It is very much a ‘cinema’ film, and by that I mean one of those films you watch just for pure entertainment.

An ex-cop (Sam Worthington) is jailed for a crime he says he didn’t do and manages to escape from prison. He later threatens to jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel. He asks for a female police psychologist (Elizabeth Banks) who tries to stop him jumping. As the film unwinds we see that things are not as straightforward as they seemed. The plot has lots of twists to keep you entertained.

I really liked Elizabeth Banks’ performance. She known as a strong comedic actress but is equally good in this thriller.

A lot of this movie was filmed on a real ledge, a brave move by Sam Worthington who suffers from vertigo. Jamie Bell plays Worthington’s brother. Bell is fantastic in the film and so is Mandy Gonzalez as his girlfriend.

Ed Harris is as amazing as ever as the villain of the piece. I really don’t want to give too much of the film away but it really is worth a watch. Rent or buy for a good night in.

Man on a Ledge is pure entertainment. It is just a fun film which has the benefit of having brilliant actors in it. The acting really is top notch.