Sep 13

The Inappropriateness of Love By Paloma Kubiak | Theatre Review

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Intimately showcased in the upper decks of an Islington theatre bar, The Inappropriateness of Love delves into the complexities of the emotion, capturing each character’s hope and struggle to love and be loved. 

Performed by Paradigm, a new London fringe repertory company, and written/directed by Sarah Pitard, the dark comedy explores the entangled relationships between six characters, linked together by the affable yet somewhat nerdy, Scooter.  


The plot is driven by Scooter’s compulsion to attend his old university friend’s wedding with a ‘plus one’, rather than face the embarrassment and reality of his impending loneliness.


As the story unfolds, the audience is invited to share Scooter’s experience of risk-taking and rejection when it comes to his therapist Jessica, the stilted relationship with his elderly mother and his ignorance of best friend Zoey’s feelings towards him.


In other serious scenes dealing with divorce, cheating and break-ups, the play is given a slight comedic uplift through outspoken, tarty receptionist Stephanie who’s dating senior manager, Darren (therapist Jessica’s ex-husband).


The audience warms to her character, perhaps because of her evident vulnerability and the one-night stand scene with Scooter also provides an awkward, yet funny combination.


In the same way Pitard wrote ‘there’s a little bit of me in all the characters’, I too was reminded of those first pangs of love for a professional figure, a doomed office romance and the tumultuous period with an older, divorced lover.


The Inapproriateness of Love exposes the vulnerability of the heart through thoroughly convincing acting and scenes.
For it’s premier performance this week, it’s well worth seeing at the Hen and Chickens Theatre till 29th September 2012.