Nov 30

500 Shakespearean Sonnets | Book Review

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I am a fan of poetry. So much so that I have made a film about poetry this year. So when I got a chance to review a book called 500 Shakespearean Sonnets I was quite excited. The book is already critically acclaimed. The Herald Scotland said about it, “Shakespeare managed to write 154 – Smith has penned more than three times that number. …splendidly contemporary… a tour de force”

High praise indeed. This book of sonnets is a diary in verse form from a man seeking to understand his own conflicted nature in this highly-praised new book of self-discovery from award-winning author, Ryan J-W Smith.

Ryan obviously has talent. The sonnets are incredibly well written. I have my own personal favourites, as I am sure you will have too. He has managed to be prolific but not skimp on quality. After an introduction Ryan goes into the sonnets. This book can be read in a few ways. It can be read through cover to cover, or you can just dip in and out when the mood takes you. Either way it is a poetic achievement. A great gift for any poetry lover in your life. Stunning stuff.

How many has he written now!? Check out Smith’s ‘Sonnet Blog’: www.sonnetblog.com

500 Shakespearean Sonnets: the Diary of a Poetic Quest for Truth