Dec 28

Packet in, in just 7 days

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Packet in, in just 7 days

An innovative online programme to help smokers quit in just 7 days


This December saw the launch of a brand new and advanced programme, ‘Let’s Quit’, to help smokers kick their cigarette habit in just one week using a process of online interactive hypnotherapy. The step-by-step programme is the first of its kind and works by sending the customer up to 20 minutes of daily video content which can be streamed on a computer or mobile device.


Developed by Hypnotherapist Tim Smale, the programme provides simple, jargon-free content to help the user in their quest to quit smoking painlessly and easily. By communicating a powerful message to their subconscious via clinical hypnosis, Tim allows smokers to face their addiction head on and tackle it from the comfort of their own home.


Let’s Quit surveyed the UK public on their smoking habits and 85% of current smokers have tried at one point to kick the habit, with the average smoker having tried three times in their lifetime to quit, but staying smoke-free for only around four months before lighting up again.  Interestingly, lack of willpower is also the number one reason why smokers who have never tried to quit have not done so, believing they are just too addicted to smoking.


Hypnotherapist Tim Smale said: “Let’s Quit is perfect for smokers who have tried and failed to quit in the past, as the combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and safe and relaxing hypnosis helps to challenge the negative beliefs about quitting both consciously and unconsciously to make it easy to quit for even the most hardened smoker. It’s also great for those with a busy schedule, as you can watch the 20 minute videos in the comfort of your own home or on your smart phone. I’ve helped over 3000 people quit smoking and I’ve always wanted to reach a wider audience; finding this technology has helped me to do just that”.


An ambassador of Let’s Quit’, British model Sophie Anderton said: “I’ve been smoking since I was 14. In the past I’ve managed to quit for a few months – but I found it a horrible experience and smoking became the one vice I could never get rid of. I was also terrified of gaining weight because of my job, but since working with Tim and managing to quit smoking, I’ve actually lost 2lbs because I have so much more energy! It’s amazing”.


To find out more information, visit www.letsquit.com or follow Let’s Quit; @Lets_Quit