Dec 17

Royal Advert For a Royal Baby.

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Are the Duke and Duchess already looking for childcare? Frost found this royal advert interesting.

Leading childcare search site Findababysitter.com attracts over 200k monthly visits, 2,100 daily log-ins, and over 10k childcare professionals’ profiles are viewed daily. But one recent advert that was posted has caused a right royal stir.


The advert was posted by a user registered as Kate C. – an alias the Duchess of Cambridge is said to use – it reads:

Soon-to-be first-time parents searching for the perfect nanny to extend the love and normality of an everyday family home.

The right nanny will be fluent in several languages of the British Commonwealth, confident in the public eye, and willing to travel regularly.

He or she must have excellent posture, grace, poise and perfect diction. A driving licence is not necessary, as a chauffeur will be provided. A love of dogs is beneficial, and exquisite taste in baby clothes is ideal to ensure the new arrival is as stylish as mummy.

The ideal candidate will also possess a classical education, including Greek and Latin, competency in two instruments, be passionate about croquet, polo, and be interested in art history and antiques. Experience dealing with spoilt first children would be helpful. Confidentiality is essential. Only candidates of the highest calibre will be considered.


Findababysitter.com has also experience an influx of carers coming online to optimise their profiles, making them fit for the royal job. During the 24 hours after the royal announcement went public, the childcare search site has experienced hundreds of childcare professionals updating their profiles and they expect to see an influx of updated profiles over the coming weeks.