Dec 14

Top Apple Products For Christmas

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No 1: iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is slick and beautiful. Slimmer and faster than it’s predecessor. When it came out people queued around the block, and no wonder, it has a bigger 4 inch retina screen, faster wireless and a powerful A6 chip. In fact Time Magazine named it the best gadget of the year.  It is twice as fast as the old iPhone, and twice as beautiful. It is the best smartphone on the market by a significant margin. Get it at the Carphone Warehouse.

No 2: iPad

I love my iPad. In fact, I am writing this blog post on my iPad. It is intuitive and knows what I want before I even know. Everyone I know who has gotten an iPad has no idea how they lived without it.



No 3: iPad Mini

Like an iPad but smaller and more portable. If you want to join in the iPad fun but want something a bit cheaper and smaller, this is for you.

No 4: iMac

If you need a new computer, Apple’s new iMac is just perfect technology. This is Apple’s most advanced desktop ever, and it is incredibly thin, 5mm at the edge. It is 75% less reflection than the last model. I even saw a picture of someone in Starbucks with an iMac. Funny, but it also lets you know how light it is.

No 5: iPod Nano or Touch.











I usually have an iPod shuffle, but I lost mine (sob) and got an iPod Nano for my Christmas. While my brother has an iPod Touch. The iPod Nano also has an FM radio, a new design, and is smaller than a credit card. It also has a pedometer built in and the Bluetooth lets you connect to the headphones and the heart monitor. Sigh.

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