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A Woman of No Importance… Or Somewhat Little Importance Anyhow | Theatre Listing

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A new play by Katherine Rodden

Directed by Cat Robey

Unrestricted View

Hen & Chickens Theatre
109 St. Pauls Road
N1 2NA

5th – 23rd February 2013
Tues-Sat 7.00pm, Sat 3pm

A Comedy of Manners – Noel Coward Style!
A farcical, witty comedy that observes just how insane families really are behind closed doors – even ones that love each other to bits!

The Show
Lauren, an emotionally unstable actress in her late twenties is having a career crisis, a mental breakdown, an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and an even less healthy relationship with her parents! When her mother turns up at her door Lauren is forced to play middleman in her parents’ relationship. As an unlikely day of events unfold we see Lauren reach her breaking point.
The show is written by and stars Paradigm Artistic Associate Katherine Rodden, who most recently toured Europe and Japan playing Bianca in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. Press for Rodden’s work includes:
“Katherine Rodden showed great talent playing both the roles of Bianca and Grumio. Bianca was delightful and had the audience in laughter and the tough Grumio was urecognisable as the same actress.” (www.lokalkompass.de, ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, 2012)
“Leventon was of course excellent and Rodden had no trouble whatsoever in standing up to the challenge of shining opposite such an established pro.” (***** RemoteGoat, Paradigm Benefit Show, 2012)
The director, Cat Robey, is Paradigm’s Resident Director and has been working freelance since graduating from Goldsmith’s university eighteen months ago. Nominated Best Director by the Off West End Awards for ‘Ondine’ in early 2012, she most recently directed “Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon” with Paradigm at the Waterloo East Theatre. Press for Robey’s work includes:
“Cat Robey’s direction really flourishes here. The relationships and the connections were magnificent to watch.”(***** RemoteGoat, ‘Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon’, 2012)
“What was explored was done so with excellent wit and insight and director Cat Robey manoeuvred the cast of actors through this complex maze of emotions with a beautiful subtlety.” (Suite 101, ‘The Inappropriateness of Love’, 2012)

“A play is only as good as its director, and Cat Robey must take a large amount of credit for this magical piece of theatre.” (Frost Magazine, ‘Ondine’, 2012)

“Cat Robey’s direction encouraged high stakes, and a gradual build towards a thoroughly gripping climax.” (Frost Magazine, ‘As Fate Would Have It…’ 2011)

Cast & Crew

The cast includes Paradigm Artistic Associate Katherine Rodden. From outside of Paradigm, the cast includes Alan Booty, Rachel Dobell, Matt Houlihan, Patrick Neyman, and Keith Wallis.

The production team includes Paradigm Artistic Associates Adam Foley (Lighting, Sound & Projection), Hollie Perniskie (Costume Design), and Paradigm’s Artistic Director Sarah E. Pitard (Set Design). Resident Director Cat Robey directs.

The Company
Paradigm Theatre Company, created in January 2012, is the only fringe repertory company in London. Besides producing 4 shows per season, Paradigm pulls from the same body of actors, directors and writers (Artistic Associates) in order to produce each piece. Paradigm also holds yearly season auditions where we bring in cast members from outside of the company. The ethos behind this is that none of us in the company will ever go more than a year without any artistic work, something that has become quite common for artists in the current economy, whilst also providing a platform for other emerging talent.
Paradigm recently produced a benefit show, staring Sylvia Syms, Annabel Leventon, and Dudley Sutton:
“A brilliant evening of entertainment with acting, directing and writing that displayed absolute class. The honourable ethos of offering a creative platform is simply not ambitious enough. This isn’t just a platform, it is a new and exciting theatre company that offers an opportunity for audiences to be thoroughly entertained.” (***** Remote Goat, 2012)
Paradigm was founded by Artistic Director and Resident Playwright Sarah E. Pitard, who most recently wrote ‘The Inappropriateness of Love’ and ‘Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon’ for Paradigm. Press for Pitard’s work includes:
“Pitard’s dialogue has a remarkable ear for Wilde’s nuances… it is difficult to distinguish between repurposed text from the stories and Pitard’s work. It’s elegant, subtle and perfectly suited to the stories.” (Views From the Gods, ‘Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon’, 2012)
“Sarah E Pitard’s specialty is in her dialogue, which is heightened (as it ought to be in comedy) without sacrificing much in realism.” (The Londonist, ‘The Inappropriateness of Love’, 2012)
The company produces 4 shows a year: 1 classical and 3 new writing pieces (one of which is an adaptation). ‘A Woman of No Importance… Or Somewhat Little Importance Anyhow’ is the 3rd show of the current season. The theme of this season is ‘The Many Faces of Love’ exploring all different types of love, whether it’s love and attraction or love in its purest, most unconditional form. Each play will bring to the audience a glimpse of what it means to live for love, be deceived by love, be disgusted by love, and love with so mighty a heart that even death can’t destroy it.
The 1st production of the season, ‘The Inappropriateness of Love’ by Sarah E. Pitard, ran at the Hen & Chickens Theatre for the month of September 2012 and enjoyed rave reviews:
“The Inappropriateness of Love exposes the vulnerability of the heart through thoroughly convincing acting and scenes… It’s well worth seeing” (Frost Magazine)
“This theatre company could soon surprise and indeed come to occupy the stage of London’s Royal Court.”(PlaysToSee)
‘Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon’, our 2nd show of the season by Sarah E. Pitard, played at the Waterloo East Theatre in November 2012, also to rave reviews:
“The performances were exceptional, Cat Robey’s direction once again excelled itself and Pitard’s writing never ceases to enthrall … deeply moving, very real and incredibly enjoyable.” (***** RemoteGoat)
“We are faced with the awful and disturbing question – how does one measure love – and are forced to question ourselves and our selfless gestures in this world.” (***** Last Minute Theatre Tickets)
 The Theatre 
The Hen & Chickens Theatre is a beautiful intimate venue with 54 individual raked seats in a black box end on space. It is upstairs in the cosy Victorian pub the Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar on Highbury corner.

This wonderful venue has been established for over 30 years and has an excellent reputation for new writing and comedy. Unrestricted View, the resident Production Company has been producing shows and programming visiting companies for the last thirteen years. Unrestricted View is run by actors for actors, to provide a supportive artistic environment to explore and create.