Jan 25

Beat the Winter Blues With Exercise

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Just because you’re confined to being indoors because  the roads are too dangerous for running or cycling in the dark, doesn’t mean you should halt your fitness regime.




At ICON, we know that working out over the winter months can be a challenge but it really doesn’t need to be. Here they share their top five, ultimate workout tips, which are sure to get you motivated.


Follow their simple steps to get the best from your workouts and maintain your fitness routines.


Tip 1: Winter Weight gain

The winter often leads to winter weight gain. The cold can make us develop extra excuses when it comes to our motivation to exercise.  Plus, many people suffer from mood changes during the winter months and turn to food for comfort.  The bitter truth is that you will only be wearing a big woolly jumper for a few months and soon you will have to face summer clothes again.  Try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine during the colder months and getting into shape in the summer will be much easier.


Tip 2: Feeling fit and using an indoor training kit

We suggest investing in functional training equipment that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Then you’ll have no excuse to avoid exercise – you won’t have to go to the gym or step outside into minus temperatures.  Plus, the introduction of an exciting new fitness gadget into your life will actually make you want to exercise. We recommend our ICON Health and Fitness range which includes a wide variety of home fitness equipment that will help you through every workout. We especially love their iFit Live™ programme, which is compatible with models from the ProForm and NordicTrack range.  This state of the art software allows you to run anywhere in the world all from the comfort of your own home, thanks to Google Maps™ technology.


Tip 3: maintain motivation

If you can imagine attaining your fitness goals, you will soon start to feel more positive, motivated and feel-good endorphins will be released.  As you start to see and feel the results then your motivation will be improved.


We suggest setting yourself small realistic goals.  By breaking your goals into smaller, more easily achieved steps, you can work towards your larger long-term goals. Start by walking a mile, then try jogging – build up the distance until you can tackle a marathon!


Tip 4: Train like an athlete.

You may not be an athletic hopeful, but adopting the physical and mental approach of an athlete will give you a positive approach to workouts and achieving your goals.

  • Athletes see direct results from their training and you can too. Try treating training as a task at work i.e. something on your to do list that must be completed by the end of the day.
  • Be smart with your exercise choices and get the most out of every workout. Mix your training up and keep your weekly programme varied.
  • Try short sprints, intervals and distance workouts on different days. When you begin to feel the benefits of all your effort then you will become more energised and motivated to continue. Prevent boredom…plan your week with sets, reps, distance and routes to keep your training interesting, challenging and fun.


Tip 5: Don’t freeze to feel fit!

As the days become shorter and the nights draw in, remember you can adapt your workout routine so you don’t have to freeze to get fit. Try circuit training in the comfort of your own home, or invest in a static bike or treadmill so you can maintain your cycling or running routine.  We are so impressed by the new ProForm Tour De France Bike. Boasting a 20% motorised incline and decline, Real Road™ resistance technology and iFit Live™ Technology, which is powered by Google Maps™. It has to be the ultimate in cycling workout kit.


You can also try booking a ski holiday, and embrace the fact you burn more calories in the cold.  When training outdoors however, make sure you adequately insulate your body and avoid sweat-absorbing material close to the skin and don’t forget a hat!