Jan 04

Do Elephants Pray? | Film Review

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Do Elephants Pray? is a film that anyone on the 9-5 rat race will be able to relate to, and to their credit, the filmmakers capture the dull greyness of adulthood, jobs and responsibility perfectly.

Advertising executive Callum Cutter’s (Jonnie Hurn) life completely changes after he meets a French free spirit (hippie) Malika (Julie Dray) and their worlds of commerce and nature collide. Malika promises to change Callum’s life forever, as long as he keeps her identity secret.

Callum is the head of his own failing advertising company and is trying to find meaning in his own soulless life, he is played with subtlety by Hurn who is very good in his role and is also the screenwriter and producer of the film. Callum faces the dilemma of selling the unsellable product.

Marc Warren (of Hustle fame) is also in this film, playing a cad after Callum’s job to perfection. This film was five years in the making and is based on real events on the life of writer/actor Jonnie Hurn, which gives the movie substance. Filmed in London and in the magical forest of Broceliande in Brittany, the film stays true to itself. Do Elephants Pray? is an enjoyable film about self awareness and the meaning of life. With talented and passionate people behind the story it is definitely one to watch. Director and producer Paul Hills has directed well, capturing the essence of the film.

Length: 105 minutes.