Feb 24

Increase Your Online Security With Brand Protection

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In today’s world it seems that everyone is online. Whether having fun or working. This means the criminals have an entire new world to exploit. From phishing for your personal details, domain squatting – where people buy domains as soon as possible if they are associated with a brand, and counterfeit good. It is estimated that 1 in 6 products bought online are now fake.

This is why you need a brand protection services. Just like people need car insurance and home insurance, you need to protect your brand, and yourself, online. A company such as Netnames can help you to get covered.


Another way to protect yourself is to be vigilant. If you get an email that just does not look right, then don’t click on it. Be careful about putting your date of birth online. With your name and date of birth people can access some of your online account and maybe even your bank account.

Also make sure you have a good password. The most popular password is actually ‘password’. Have a hard password which includes numbers and upper case letters.

If you have your own blog or website then make sure you have some security. As many as 40,000 websites are compromised per week. You work hard to build your brand, so protect it.

Have you had a bad experience online? How do you protect your brand? Comment below.