Feb 13

LFW Survival tips

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With only a matter of days before the infamous London Fashion Week, preparations must be made. Wardrobe dilemma is upon us and it is important that we are fully equipped with a few essentials to get us though this week of flamboyance, opulence and heaps of glamour. Having attended last year for the entire week, I found myself wishing I had put those certain essentials into my handbag so here are my top tips;









Scholl Party Feet;

If you must wear a heel, don’t let it shred your feet.


A great Notebook;

I recommend this Pantone notebook. Available in Selfridges

A Camera;

iPhone camera works a treat but if you’re looking for great quality images for an article or blog I recommend a good SLR like this one.


A brolly;

Lets face it, you WILL need it. I suggest this mini compact Fulton umbrella available in Selfridges.

Lastly… If you are lucky enough to have bagged that exclusive Press Pass, make sure you check out the various pamper lounges dotted around to refresh and revive yourself. Get your hair and make up done courtesy of Mac and Toni and Guy.

Keshini Misha x