Feb 21

Pritch London | London Fashion Week 2013

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The beginning of London Fashion Week saw Handpicked Media throw their opening party which was hosted by Pritch. Pritch is a high end luxury brand who only use the finest leather to make their amazing jackets. I tried one on for size in the picture below. It was a brilliant opening party. Fashion photographer Gabor Zsantai was on hand to take some pictures. My good self and the Handpicked Media team are below.

Catherine Balavage

The Handpicked Media team.

There was also gorgeous shoes from Karen K Boutique. Me wants.




This was a favourite of mine:


Here is what Pritch says about their brand:

Rebellious In a Conservative Society

A fusion of the senses and styles, this new PRITCH collection perfectly balances a
rebellious duality of rock harmony and high-end classic chic. Inspired by the multi-layered
personality, the mysterious individuality, of the desirably affluent socially active woman, the
PRITCH Autumn Winter 13 collection confidently reflects her essence and independent

Made in Italy and featuring only premium leathers such as Antelope Silk, Agneau Guanterie
and Agneau Guanterie Suede, the PRITCH palette is grounded in black in all its depths,
with winter accents of grey and customized silver zips, nickel studs, metal snaps and leather

The theme is immediately visible as a unique mix of rock ‘n’ roll and haute couture expressed
in the jackets’ wonderfully soft-feel and seductive contours but strong and outspoken designs.
With patch-worked seams, well-placed hidden studs and removable parts, we see surprising
multi-functional elements too; allowing the wearer to match the look to the outfit and
occasion as they please. As a finishing touch, every item in the PRITCH collection features
an especially comfortable lining and distinctive hand-stitched style befitting the all-round
quality of the brand.

Giving you creations perfect for an evening at the ballet when zipped, and night of untamed
rock ‘n’ roll unzipped, PRITCH delivers an atmosphere of bold ‘laissez faire’; a seamless
fusion of naturally sexy, very classy, and really quite rebellious character in a conservative
society. Perfect for the affluent and indeed fascinating cosmopolitan woman. Dare to be. You.