Feb 05

Siro-A Theatre Review

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When I got sent the press release for Siro-A they were billed as ‘Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group’. It is high praise indeed considering how successful the Blue Man Group are.

There was buzz about Siro-A before the show even started and celebrities and paparazzi were both out in force. The show started with audience interaction, a hard thing to do with a British crowd, we tend to just sit there and be quiet, even if we think you are the most amazing thing in the world.

The show was a visual feast. Inventive, imaginative, stunning, fun and entertaining. Siro-A gave a performance that was not just good, but also highly intelligent. The audience loved them. They did not make one noticeable mistake all night and it was hard to work out how they managed most of the effects. The show is also funny and mixes real performers with projected images. The six talented people in the group are from Sendai, Japan, and this was their first performance in London.

Their use of lights and magic tricks add to the brilliant physical and dance skills that the group have. The VJing was also very ‘in’ and worked beautifully. VJing (visual djing) had been growing in popularity and the cool kids have known about it for years. I remember going to a VJing evening at the BFI in 2009.

If you want a good night then go along to the Leicester Square Theatre and catch this stunning visual feast. You can win tickets here.


The multi-award winning, electronic multimedia dance theatre extravaganza presents its London premiere

1st Feb – 22nd April 2013.

“The lovechild of GamarJobat and Sirqus Alfon, this is a technical marvel. Conspiring to combine comedy, dance and technical wizardry with a healthy dose of thumping techno music, live performers superimpose themselves over projected material, … quality family entertainment”. «««« Three Weeks

Siro-A, is an exciting six strong performance group from Sendai, Japan, who have wowed audiences all over the world and are now, for the first time, bringing their unique performance style to London.

The name Siro-A, derived from the Japanese word ‘SIRO’ meaning white or colourless, means to belong to no group or impossible to define. And tough to define they are!

“At one point, I couldn’t tell the difference between live performer and projected image. This is a spectacular visual experience. This Japanese company overwhelm with staggering technological interactions between multimedia, performer and audience member.” «««« Broadway Baby

Often described as Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group, SIRO-A perfectly fuse modern technology with mime, breath-taking optical illusions, and movement all set to a pulsating electro beat, mixed live every night. Their visually stunning show performed to 30,000 people at the Shanghai Expo, has wowed TED.com audiences in Tokyo and won Mervyn Stutter’s “Spirit of the Fringe” award at the Edinburgh Festival 2011.

New is a spectacular piece of family entertainment, fusing video mapping, laser lights and on stage DJ’s. It’s an interactive, multimedia, physical/dance theatre show combining live electronic music and human body performances with video projection technology and optical illusions. It’s an explosion of light, sight, sound, and movement, seamlessly breaking language barriers with a non-verbal performance that can be enjoyed by all people of all ages.

“A brilliant, bright and beautiful show… some of the most manic and animated human performers you are likely to see anywhere. It’s mime, but not as we know it!” Total Theatre

Now for the first time SIRO-A bring their physical extravaganza to London to the main house of the Leicester Square Theatre from 1st Feb – 22nd April 2013.


VENUE: Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BX

DATE: 1st February 2013 – 22nd April 2013

08448 733433 ONLINE: www.leicestersquaretheatre.com