Feb 28

The Tailor-Made Man | Theatre Review

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The Tailor-Made Man, set in Hollywood during the 1930s, is a musical theatre show, which
still strongly maintains the quality of a play.

Exceptionally staged – at the Arts Theatre in London, West End – its creative team,
includes super talented choreographer Nathan M. Wright who, in between his many credits,
also counts the mass movement choreography of the London Olympic & Paralympics


The stars studded musical production has brilliant actors in the leading roles: Faye Tozer, Mike
McShane and Dylan Turner. Faye Tozer (from the band pop band Steps) delivers
an outstanding and energetic performance certainly not inhibited by the vocal tone
variations the part requires and the upper class mannerism of the early 20th century. Also,
starring undying talent Mike McShane and classically, impeccably beautiful, as much as
skilled, Dylan Turner that has already landed roles in Mamma Mia! (Prince of Wales)
and Grease (Victoria Palace) just to mention a few. Full of character Bradley Clarkson
also gives a captivating and dynamic performance. Worth a mention is Kay Murphy
who gives a funny and outstandingly performance in the role of Pola Negri, the famous Polish actress.

Claudio Macor co-wrote ‘The Tailor-Made Man’ book with Amy Rosenthal, adapted
the play and directed it. ‘The Tailor-Made Man’, was nominated for Best New Play in 1995 and
for writer of the year and then some years later was made into a musical. The music is by Duncan
Walsh Atkins and Adam Meggido.

‘The Tailor-Made Man’ is a true old Hollywood story that brings back memories of when
the homosexuality was far from being socially accepted. It is the true story of William ‘Billy’ Haines who was a movie star at MGM, and then became a famous interior designer in Hollywood. It highlights the emotional difficulties, openly declared gay men had to go through including work discrimination
and episodes of verbal and physical violence, all of this surrounded by the Hollywood
creative melting pots of sophisticated artists and a bit of sentimental twist.

The musical will run for a limited eight weeks season until the 6th of April.


Written by Paola Berta