Feb 22

Training for the Marathon?

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Give yourself a running chance with the right preparation

The London Marathon is just around the corner (21st April) and so thousands of people across the country will be donning their running shoes to train for the demanding twenty-six miles to marathon glory. Training for such a grueling distance can put the body under huge physical strain and so it is not enough to just run your way to success – you also need to eat well and take care of your feet as you make your way to the finish line.

Blisters, nausea and sore inflamed feet are just a few of the side effects from running. Don’t let these get the better of you though with these simple steps to success.

Planning snacks around your training can prove to be a problem for most people.

It is crucial that you eat something nutritious that will provide you with enough energy for your run, but is not so big that it will hamper your efforts. Olympic Gold medalist, Ed Clancy recommends eating a Peanut 9bar before starting a run, commenting: ‘Finding a nutritionally balanced food that has both fast and slow release energy for endurance sport has always been a struggle. After suffering stomach problems using other energy bars and gels my nutritionist recommended I try 9bar and I haven’t looked back since’. Peanut 9bars are jam-packed with roasted peanuts, sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds. The Peanut 9bar contains all 20 amino acids and 9 that are essential building blocks for good health, allowing you to fuel your way to success.

Running such long distances can leave your joints sore and inflamed.

It is important to use an effective joint care product. Dr. Wendy Denning, Harley Street GP recommends using Phytodol, an all-natural, topical treatment designed to help care for joints. Wendy comments that ‘topical application of the essential oils found in Phytodol – ginger, zedoary and cinnamon – which have their own anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties – along with the MSM and glucosamine may be particularly beneficial to reduce inflammatory pain’. Phytodol is available in both a cream and spray formulation. Both are rapidly absorbed, providing fast effective relief and the convenient sized 100ml bottles means that they can be used anywhere when pain strikes – allowing you to carry on running pain free.

Running can cause painful blisters and sore feet.

During running your feet will rub against your footwear and so it is important to take precautions when training. Carnation Footcare’s Anti-BlisterStick is a roll-on protective balm that helps shield the feet from blisters caused by rubbing trainers. Carnation Footcare expert podiatrist Dave Wain says: ‘The Anti-Blister Stick is designed to immediately ease friction and stop blisters from developing by providing an extra protective layer to the affected area’ enabling you to carry on running pain-free’

Dave also recommends Carnation Footcare’s PediRoller for long distance runners. The PediRoller is a simple ridged device that, when rolled under the foot, provides on-the-spot comfort, helping to relieve any discomfort. It works by stretching the muscles of the foot to help relieve heel and arch pain that may be caused by running. For an extra inflammatory effect, the PediRoller can also be frozen before use, which helps to reduce any swelling that running may cause.

During running the feet perspire, creating the perfect conditions for bacteria to multiply.
Keep your feet feeling refreshed with Thursday Plantation’s Foot Spray. The 100% Tea Tree formulation with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties will ensure that your feet are kept feeling and looking fresh after a long run. The great smell also acts as a foot deodorant, maintaining a healthy smell in your footwear allowing you to avoid the embarrassment of smelly feet!

Available from Holland & Barret or Superdrug