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Can Regenovex Stop You Doing a Lady Gaga?

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regenovexFor people with injuries or arthritis the cold weather can really hurt joints. No matter what your age, as the health problems of Lady Gaga show. So when Frost got sent some Regenovex to review we send it to some writers with joint problems. Here is what they thought.

Regenovex® Capsules. An advanced formulation designed for daily joint health, one-a-day Regenovex® Capsules are very small and easy to swallow.

Regenovex® Gel is for targeted application on individual joints. Easy to use Regenovex® Gel is dispensed via a pump and can be rubbed on the joint up to 3 times per day.

Our writer said:

It said on the pack that you could take two for the first 10 days and I wanted quick results so I did this. I have had a dodgy knee for a while. It even hurts when I go up and down stairs. I started taking these but t o be honest I did not expect results.

I also put the gel on my knee three times a day when I remember. Which is not all the time. To be honest, the gel does not smell nice, but it is not too bad.

I use both the pills and the gel. The pills until they run out, and the gel even until this day. Is there a difference? Absolutely. The pills and gel worked so much that I did not even notice. I was just walking up some stairs and I realised that my knee had stopped hurting. I had not had a pang of pain for ages. I am going to continue to use the products. I am very impressed.

· Regenovex® Patch is flexible and can be worn for up to 12 hours, making it ideal for day and night use.

Our writer said:

I have shoulder pain. It is a sport injury and it really bloody hurts. I think I have probably just worn my joint away. Which is a nice thought! I use the patch for the full 12 hours. It is easy to use. You can just cut it down to any size you want. Do I think it works? Yes. It does bring relief. I reckon I will be investing in some more.

Regenovex® Unveils How Cold, Damp, British Weather Can Really Affect Our Joints

The link between bad weather and an increase in discomfort from joint problems has been revealed in groundbreaking new research.

In the UK, about 10 million people suffer from osteoarthritis (OA) and many more have undiagnosed joint stiffness. The prevalence of osteoarthritis increases with age and is greater in women than in men. About 20% of adults aged 45-64 years and 35% of women aged 75 years or over have osteoarthritis in the knee while about 25% of adults over 50 report disability from severe knee discomfort. All too often, the early warning signs and symptoms of joint problems are ignored or just put down to old age, until they become serious and potentially crippling.

People with joint health issues often complain that the weather and climate can badly affect their health. However, scientists have struggled to prove the association and doctors can assume the perception of increased discomfort is in a patient’s mind.

Now new research from the makers of Regenovex® – a pioneering formulation backed by research to help maintain the health of joints – has shone light on the relationship between changes in weather and an increase in joint health problems such as stiffness. Four out of 10 respondents have even considered moving from the UK to a warmer country because of their joint problems. One in nine (11%) are actively contemplating relocation. Containing two functional ingredients from natural sources – a marine oil and hyaluronic acid – Regenovex® Capsules, from the smart technology experts at Mentholatum, is specifically formulated to help keep joints healthy. The Regenovex® range includes one-a-day capsules, a gel and a patch, all containing a marine oil.

Weather misery…

Adults aged 35 to 75 – with an average age of 50 – who suffer from joint health problems or stiffness were questioned about their experiences with weather-related joint issues.

· More than half (55%) said it was during cold periods, followed by damp weather (45%), wet weather (38%) and frosty weather (19%). Just 4% thought hot weather could trigger joint problems.

· A staggering 72% of respondents agreed that they suffered more from joint problems such as discomfort and stiffness because of the weather.

The biggest joint problem symptoms triggered by weather were:

· Discomfort (63%)

· Stiffness (56%)

· Difficulty getting up when seated (30%)

· Difficulty going up or down stairs (24%)

· Difficulty moving (23%).

Other problems included getting out of bed (20%), bending down (17%) and exercising (15%).

When it comes to the areas of the body that are most affected by stiffness, respondents from the Regenovex® survey cited knees as the worst by more than half (56%), followed by the back (39%), the fingers (26%), hips (25%), hands and neck (both 20%).

Reactions to stiffness triggered by the weather varied:

· A third (32%) said they just put up with it and don’t take any further action

· One in seven would take over the counter painkillers (14%)

· 12% would opt for a hot bath

· Other coping strategies included using a hot water bottle (7%) and seeing a GP or pharmacist (5%).

Physiotherapist, Paul Hobrough says, “Joint discomfort and joint health issues are a huge problem in the UK, with millions of diagnosed sufferers and many others who struggle on in silence. Joints that are stiff or cause discomfort can badly affect quality of life, with many activities we take for granted proving difficult or even impossible, including the health benefits of taking regular exercise.

“I see a large number of patients in my clinics nationally, that report bad weather or the cold and damp as a trigger for their joint aches or make them worse. For a long time these people have been told that it is in their mind however I was delighted to read the latest research from Regenovex, building on a growing body of evidence, that supports the association between weather – especially temperature and air pressure – and increased levels of joint discomfort and stiffness. The Regenovex survey found nearly three quarters of those questioned said the weather could be a joint health trigger, with cold and damp conditions blamed the most and Scientists are now investigating the mechanisms behind this phenomenon.”

Paul adds, “Regenovex is a new generation of joint care preparation, with a unique formulation that helps to support joint health, backed by extensive scientific research. The key ingredients are Bionovex Oil, a marine oil derived from New Zealand green lipped mussels and hyaluronic acid. The Bionovex Oil has a proven anti-inflammatory effect which could relieve the pressure build up in the joint, while hyaluronic acid acts to lubricate and cushion your joints. Regenovex could be a major help in treating joint health problems. It not only helps tackle inflammation along a range of pathways, but it may also improve and maintain the synovial fluid in joints. No other product works this way.”

“I am thankful to Regenovex for providing a possible answer to scores of patients who have until now, found themselves suffering without a solution. Only time will tell the extent to which Regenovex will help these people but vast progress has been made and people feel like they are finally being listened to by the healthcare industry.”

Regenovex is available from Amazon UK and Ebay. Prices include:

· Regenovex® Capsules, pack of 30 capsules: RSP £23.99.

· Regenovex® Gel, 40ml: RSP £11.29.

· Regenovex® Patch, single patch: RSP £2.49.