Mar 01

Endearing Eccentricity or Annoying Habit: The best bits and worst bits about our other halves

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your partner was an ideal package with every bit about them just perfect? Nice yes, but it wouldn’t be much fun, because life isn’t perfect and sometimes it’s the quirks and idiosyncrasies that make us who we are. So eHarmony.co.uk has set about finding out what are couples’ niggling little habits and endearing special quirks by asking over 2000 married Brits to disclose the best and worst bits about living with their other half. Here’s what they say:

Results from men

Loves   Annoyances  
They put up with my moods 42% They take too long getting ready 28%
They are affectionate when we are alone and in public 21% They are a back seat driver 21%
They’re always interested in my day 17% They worry too much about money 16%


Results from women

Loves   Annoyances  
They make me laugh 38% They can never find anything 30%
They’re happy to do household chores 29% They are messy 20%
They listen to me when I rant 21% They control the TV remote 18%


So women take too long to get ready and men can never find anything, but women put up with their husband’s moods and men make women laugh. Men are messy and women are back seat drivers, men are happy to do household chores and women take interest in their partner’s day. And maybe men do control the TV remote and women do worry too much about money but hey, men listen to their ranting wives and women are just plain affectionate.

Relationship advice expert for eHarmony Jenni Trent Hughes comments on the survey and says:

“It is really interesting to see the difference between genders when it comes to the things they love and what annoys them about their partner. The little niggles tend to come out further into the relationship, however it’s when a couple is truly compatibly that they find a balance between the good and the bad habits. It is really important to communicate with one another when a niggle becomes more testing, to try and find a common ground and agree, this will help eliminate future arguments over the little things and leave more time for the things they love about one another .”