Mar 26

Films to watch this Easter weekend

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With the Easter break coming up, you might be looking for something fun to do over the long bank holiday weekend. A trip to the cinema is a great idea if the weather isn’t so good, and there is plenty to see at the moment.

If you’re after a funny film, I Give It a Year is a fantastic and funny British romantic comedy which looks at the pitfalls of rushing into marriage too fast. It has lots of moments that couples all over the country will recognise and cringe at! From getting annoyed with your partner for constantly singing the wrong lyrics to songs, to wishing your other half would get off their backside and take the bin out without you having to pester them. It’s a real and funny look at the ups and downs of everyday relationships and well worth a watch.


Another top film to check out this Easter weekend is Oz the Great and Powerful, a visually stunning prequel to timeless classic The Wizard of Oz which is suitable for all ages and well worth watching in 3D. James Franco, of 127 Hours and the Spider Man franchise fame, stars alongside Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams in this fun and entertaining film that will keep the whole family entertained.

Franco plays magician Oz, master of sleight of hand and misdirection but not someone you’d want to go and see for a genuine psychic clairvoyant reading as the good witch Glinda knows all too well. To put it another way, Oz is about as adept at reading tarot or doing real magic as a monkey is at tying his shoelaces: he’s a bit of a fraud. However, the Land of Oz is expecting a saviour and they believe Oz is with them to fulfil the prophecy. Will he come through for the munchkins and their fellow Oz inhabitants? Watch the film and find out!