Mar 05

Innovative Films Raising Funds: Three Days

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Three Days is a film that is close to my heart. Not just because I share an acting agent with the two leads and have worked with Vanessa, but also because in a world where older women are so often overlooked, this film is about a 40 something women and a younger man. It is a love story with a heart.

The Hollywood Reporter recently had a female executive guest post for them. This is what she said:

I have sat through development meetings in which actresses over the age of 34 are cast aside as “too old”, those who have had babies or families come with “baggage,” and whether or not they are willing to get nude on film plays into their chances of getting an offer, when these same traits are not deal-breakers in their male counterparts, or even mentioned for that matter.

Well, Vanessa is over 34, is married and has children. She is also making a kick ass movie. Proving all of this wrong. They are raising money as we speak so to contribute go here. It is a movie that should be made.

Three Days is a short film, to be shot in London and Cardiff, UK.

In turns poignant, sensual, warm and funny Three Days is a short film about the decision to surrender. Or not. It stars Vanessa Bailey & Richard Perryman. We asked them some questions about the film. Answers are below.


What have you enjoyed about the process so far?

Seeing how everything has developed from when I first came on board has
been very exciting. Also it’s been great being able to work with an
incredibly talented and passionate group of people.

What do you think will appeal to people about the film?

There’s a whole lot to fall in love with. Great characters which the
audience can really invest in, an original love story and a brilliant crew
to make it all happen!

What is it like working with Vanessa?

It’s great working with Vanessa. She’s incredibly passionate about Three
Days and has invested a huge amount of time and effort to push the film
as much as she can. Our only problem is we’re both terrible at keeping a
straight face whenever we need to be serious.

What are you most looking forward to on the shoot – favourite scene?

I just can’t wait to get on set and start shooting the whole thing.

What would you say to people thinking about donating to the crowdfund?

That we really cannot make the film without the help of everyone else out
there! Any contribution helps and it’s a great chance to get involved in a
new and exciting film.

3Days final poster imageVanessa.

What have you enjoyed about the process so far?

I’ve been genuinely amazed at the people who’ve been happy to come on board
with the film. And seeing how the team have been putting their heart and
soul into getting this crowdfund up and running. Everyone has really gone
the extra mile with it, even Jason’s PR Alistair was working his socks off
on the poster shoot! The poster shoot was a small taste of what will be
like to work with the whole team on the shoot. We were all freezing cold,
but the buzz was palpable.

What do you think will appeal to people about the film?

Well, with the talent we have working on the project the film promises to
be visually gorgeous, with a beautiful, original score. We’ve got team with
Batfa Cymru’s and Emmy’s to their names. The characters are, hopefully,
appealing and people will want to travel on their journey with them and
root for them! It’s got humour and passion and warmth and struggle – we
wrote what rings our own bell, basically! Hopefully it will connect with
others, too.

What is it like working with Richard?

Richard has been brilliant, he’s really got stuck in and invested his
time and talent in lots of ways. Like he says, we’re not great at keeping
straight faces! But that makes it fun.

What are you most looking forward to on the shoot – favourite scene?

I just want to see how the whole thing fits together. The scenes have
quite a range of dynamics from light-hearted through to passionate and I’m
looking forward to shooting all of them. We’re really excited to be doing
scenes with Lynn Hunter, I think they’re going to be a highlight!

What would you say to people thinking about donating to the crowdfund?

Please come on board! It’s a great film to get involved with and we’re
incredibly grateful for support. Check out our perks and see if anything
appeals – we’ve got everything from a corporate product placement perk
(product/premises placed in the film plus logo on all our visible material
and in the credits and more!)to getting your hair done by Jason and then on
to the screening to being an extra in the film! Let’s get this story off
the page and onto the screen!

Thank you Vanessa.

Special mention to Red Boutique in Beckenham for supplying accessories and clothes.