Mar 12

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Review | Beauty

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What the cream looks like when it is finished.

What the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra looks like when it is finished.

Anyone who has read a few of my beauty reviews will know that my skin can be sensitive. So I was excited to try this calming cream. Toleriane Ultra is for allergic, sensitive or intolerant skin.

While using it my skin did not have any redness. It calmed it down. It smelled pleasant, really moisturised my skin and was not greasy. It did not just sit on my skin. It was hydrating and did not make my skin break out. The consistency is not too heavy but still has lots of goodness. It is not thinned down.

I love the bottle. As you use it you the clear bag of cream inside of the bottle gets smaller and smaller, like a vacuum bag. This stops bacteria getting in but is also really cool and hygienic. You can also be sure you won’t waste any and you will know exactly how much you have.

I would definitely buy this cream. Prices for it seem to start at £11 but it lasts quite a while and I think it is worth it.

What they say:

It’s formula is a true formulatory feat: ultra-minimalist, uncompromising and highly safe. A formula stripped down to the essential, using minimal ingredients and removing all potentially irritant or allergy-inducing substances. An ultra-minimalist formula with intense soothing power, thanks to Neurosensine, an active ingredient which targets cutaneous irritation mechanisms. A soothing action, reinforced thanks to the new association with naturally soothing and anti-irritating La Roche-Posay thermal spring water. Non-comedogenic. Ultra high tolerance. Tested on allergic skin.

Available from Boots, Superdrug or Amazon UK.

  • Thank you Jacqueline. Hope it works for you. I really liked it.

  • Jacqueline H

    nice review! :) i got samples of this but not sure what it will deliver. now I know after your sharing. i always love la roche posay, so i will give this a go when my skin is reacting a bit (hope that won’t happen soon or often)