Mar 08

Sunday Times Style Magazine Launches Best Dressed List

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A campaign launched today by Sunday Times Style Magazine, features fashion icons: Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Tinie Tempah portrayed as royalty as it heralds the magazine’s re-design and launch of its first-ever definitive guide to the best dressed.

Style best dressed x3

Starting this Sunday, Style has named the 50 individuals who have led fashion with their stylish interpretation of sartorial good-taste in 2013.

The list has been compiled by the Style team, including: AA Gill, Camilla Long, Colin McDowell, Shane Watson, Christina Lamb, Giles Hattersley, Kate Spicer, Tiffanie Darke, Claudia Croft, Richard Gray, Francesca Hornak, Fleur Britten, Michael Hennegan, and of course Mrs Mills. The team also provides insightful commentary on who leads in creating the perfect alchemy between taste, style and personality.

Style Magazine editor Tiffanie Darke says: “The diverse nature of this list demonstrates the importance of fashion in the overall conversation, confirming the role clothes play in creating a visual manifesto.”

“What’s so encouraging is that among the 50 people celebrated, no two share a similar look; they all occupy a different part of the fashion spectrum, using their own taste and judgement to bring together an individual style that serves to inspire.”

In the interests of inclusivity, the best dressed doggies are identified; while the leading playground fashionistas have been awarded special recognition with the under tens given their very own list.

The re-launched Style magazine sees a renewed focus on fashion and more attention given to beauty, as well as a re-design that includes more stunning photography.

Style will continue to be supported by a year-long schedule of brand activities designed to strengthen its position in the industry as a key fashion and beauty brand. Readers will also be invited to attend exclusive Style-branded events, including an upcoming series of Style Conversations. Hosted at the Savoy, Erdem is due to headline in April, with the event being filmed and streamed live across the UK for the first time. Previous conversations have seen major fashion designers such as Valentino, Donatella Versace, John Galliano and Giles Deacon taking questions from Sunday Times fashion writer Colin McDowell.

Speaking about the re-launch, Darke said: “The Sunday Times Style Magazine is already a pillar of global fashion media and this re-launch is only going to consolidate that position. We’re taking the title back to its roots in order to stake our claim as the number one title for women with an interest in high-end fashion and beauty.”

Next week: Nos 25 – 50; the best dressed men, and who leads offenders.