Mar 06

Superdry Beauty Range | Beauty Review

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I am a sucker for beautiful packaging and originality, and Superdry’s beauty range has both in spades. Even their lipstick (which they call lip paint) has beautiful details on the actual stick. The make up bags are clear and in bright colours, and the actual packaging just looks amazing. I don’t know who their design team is, but they deserve a medal.

I love their lip fix in peppermint. It really does stop your lips drying out. It is one of my favourite lip balms now, and smells great. Their eye liner is brilliant too. Sorry if I sound like I am fawning, they just really do the job. I love eyeliner so I am fussy about what I use. It has to be really black and have staying power.



Superdry make-up is priced between £2-20, a really good price range, especially considering the quality and design of the products.




Their eyeshadow is very cool too, it flips out sideways. I also recommend their Kabuki Brush. It is so soft I could stroke it all day.

Do you think you will be trying any of Superdry’s beauty products?