Mar 12

Trying To Quit Smoking? Get All The Help You Need.

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My entire immediate family smoke. Yes, my parents and my two brothers all smoke. I am the only non smoker in my family, and I am incredibly anti-smoking. I have nagged my family for years and finally they are listening to me and are all trying to quit. But this is easier said than done. Smoking is addictive and it takes willpower of steel to go cold turkey.
Smoking is by far the worst thing you can do for your health. According to Cancer Research UK, more than one in five people smoke in the UK. Smoking is an expensive habit and smoking is also directly linked to multiple health concerns and can shorten life expectancy. I have never understood why people smoke, you are basically paying money to get health problems, it also ruins your clothes, and make you smell of smoke. It’s not nice.

If you need help to quit Dr Winwood, who is the clinical director for psychological health at AXA PPP, will be on hand to answer your questions on smoking and the effect it can have on your health. Dr Mitra M Shahidi  is a Consultant in General & Respiratory Medicine with a specific interest is all aspects of respiratory medicine and Tuberculosis.

Join in! Dr Mitra M Shahidi will be available to answer all your questions here on Wednesday 13 March 11am-1pm.

The health conditions that smoking causes range from cancer to heart disease, and is proven to be detrimental to your overall well-being.

Often the withdrawal from nicotine can cause a range of side effects such as anxiety, depression and difficulty sleeping. Despite the huge benefits of quitting the habit, these side effects can often lead to the temptation to smoke again to make them go away. AXA PPP healthcare will be hosting a live chat with expert Dr Mark Winwood to help you tackle the anxiety of giving up, whether you are currently attempting to quit or are planning to in the future.

Dr Winwood is the clinical director for psychological health at AXA PPP and his extensive knowledge of mental health means he will be well equipped to address your concerns and worries on smoking-related anxiety and stress.

Join in! If you have any questions about anxiety and smoking, or even just needing advice on how to kick the habit, please join our chat here on Friday 15 March 11-1pm.

You can tweet your questions either before or during the live chats on each day using #axapppexpert – those taking part will be entered to win £100 pamper pack from The Sanctuary.

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