Mar 12

Unleash The Power Of The Female Brain | Book Review

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Unleash the power of the female brainThe brain is probably the most underrated organ and the one that is most taken advantage of. Yet everything we do affects our brain.

Renowned neuropsychiatrist and best selling author Dr Daniel G. Amen has written a comprehensive guide to the female brain. The amount of stuff I learned was amazing. The book says that all is needed is 12 hours to a radical new you, and I agree with their claim. I have already made changes in my life because of this book.

Dr Amen has based this breakthrough guide on research from his clinical practice. The book has pictures of brain scans throughout. These brain scans are ‘before’ and ‘after’, like make-overs for the brain. The book is a health guide that every women should read because, as Dr Amen says, “success in everything you do starts with a healthy brain.”

Dr Amen also talks you through harnessing the strengths of the female brain and overcoming the vulnerabilities. He tells you what to eat, and what not to, how to control your cravings, how to sooth your brain and even how to prepare for pregnancy and raising your children in a brain-healthy way.

This book put my diet under the microscope and made me realise that all of the stress I have been under, and my habit of craving junk food is stopping me achieving my full potential. Although sometimes Dr Amen came across as (only slightly) preachy. No one can be a saint all the time and I still believe that a little bit of what you fancy won’t do you any harm. Despite this I could rave on and on about the book, but I won’t; I will just say that it is a must read. I will be reading it again. It certainly did change my life and make me appreciate my brain.

Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging yours for better health, energy, mood, focus and sex

This is how the book breaks down:

1. FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR FEMALE BRAIN: Care About Your Brain More than Any Other Body Part
Hour 1 Exercise – Boost brain envy – Hang anchor images of why you want to have a healthier brain

2. HARNESS THE UNIQUE STRENGTHS OF THE FEMALE BRAIN: Use Your Intuition, Collaboration, Empathy, Self-Control, and a Little Worry to Give Yourself a Great Advantage
Hour 2 Exercise – Recruit Your Team and Make Your Worries Work for You – this is what I would call a form of the Serenity Prayer which is a consistent go-to in my life

3. ADOPT THE AMEN CLINICS’ METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING THE FEMALE BRAIN:: Know Your Brain, Important Numbers, and the Four Circles for Ultimate Success
Hour 3 Exercise – Get Assessed: CBC and on Amen’s website (SPECT optional)

Part One: Balance Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone
Part Two: Balance Thyroid, Cortisol, DHEA, and Insulin
Hour 4 Exercise – Take the Hormone Questionnaires and Inventory Your Healthy and Unhealthy Hormone Habits

5. FEED THE FEMALE BRAIN: Flatten Your Tummy and Boost Brain Reserves by Healing Your Gut and Eating Brain-Healthy Superfoods – Treat Food as a Drug because it is one
Hour 5 Exercise – Provide Therapy for your Kitchen (Food/Diet)

6. SOOTHE THE FEMALE BRAIN: Put an End to Anxiety, Worry, Depression, and Perfectionism
Hour 6 Exercise – Get ANT Therapy and Answer the Work’s Four Questions

7. GET CONTROL OF THE FEMALE BRAIN: Conquer Cravings, Weight Issues, and Addictions
Hour 7 Exercise – Embrace Your Failures (Turn bad days into good data)

8. UNDERSTAND ADD AND THE FEMALE BRAIN: Learn to Treat the Hyperactive “Boys'” Condition That Ruins Female Lives
Hour 8 Exercise – Know Your Focus and Energy Robbers and Boosters

9. BE BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE AND OUT: Learn Strategies to Help Your Brain and Body Look Amazing – Stop the Negative Chatter and Make a Plan to Look and Feel Amazing
Hour 9 Exercise – Get a Massage and Enjoy a Sauna

10. UNDERSTAND SEX AND THE FEMALE BRAIN: Optimize Your Brain for Greater Pleasure, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Love
Hour 10 Exercise – Be the Director of Your Pleasure

11. GET YOUR BRAIN READY FOR BABIES AND CARING FOR THEIR BRAINS ONCE THEY’RE HERE: Prepare for Pregnancy – and Unleash the Power of Your Daughters’ Brains
Hour 11 Exercise – Indulge in Special Time

12. CHANGE YOUR FEMALE BRAIN, CHANGE THE WORLD: Realize That It’s Not About You – It’s About Generations of You
Hour 12 Exercise – Create Your Own Genius Network