Apr 21

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick Review

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Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in Cosmopolitan.

IMG_3470I must confess that the colour of this lipstick was a bit challenging. I see women wearing bright lipstick all the time and feel a tug of envy. It just looks so fabulous on them. I usually wear nude lipstick. My problem with bright lipstick is that I have a big mouth – no jokes please. At school I was made fun of because of my big lips. Of course now I see them as a plus. I get compliments on them a lot. But I always thought that wearing bright lipstick made them look too big and was just too much of a hassle. Which just goes to show how much I don’t know.

The lipstick looks amazing on. Although my boyfriend has reservations, ‘Jeez, that’s bright. It really doesn’t suit you.” he says. Thanks for that! I persevere anyway.


I like how the lipstick brightens up my face. I like the colour, it is beautiful. The lipstick is good quality, as you would expect from Calvin Klein. It stays on my face all day and it does not dry my lips out. I get a lot of compliments and even my boyfriend comes around to it.

So am I converted? Completely. I will be brightening up my make up look, and as for the Calvin Klein lipstick, it is a piece of luxury at a completely reasonable price, and an excellent lipstick to boot.

Available from Fragrance Direct and Debenhams.