Apr 18

Frost Magazine’s Diet Books Special

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bellyfatdietWant to get the weight off or even just get healthy? Well Frost Magazine has the answer. A diet book special. Read on….

Living Paleo For Dummies, by Melissa Joulwan and Dr. Kellyann Petrucci.

Some people might not know what living Paleo means but basically it is the caveman diet. It is big on meat but nothing that our ancestors would not have eaten. Which means no sweets, diary, legumes, grains, gluten, sugar, potatoes, processed food and to go easy on the alcohol. While a vegetarian could do the Paleo diet, I reckon it wouldn’t be easy. Although the book does give you information on how to do so. The Paleo diet is mostly meat, fish, fowl, eggs and vegetables.

The first chapter tells you all about Paleo. It is a lifestyle, not just a diet. It tells you the science behind Paleo and why you should adopt the Paleo way. It is very interesting and they certainly do present their case. We do eat a lot of things our ancestors would never have heard of.

The book has a 30 day reset program. The authors bill this as the ultimate health plan. One that will not only help you lose weight, but will also make you healthier and stop you getting ill and aging badly. It informs you on what will be happening to your body during the reset program and how to cope. The book lets you know how to stock your kitchen. It certainly covers everything and makes living a Paleo lifestyle easy as long as you have the willpower.

The book also covers sleep, supplements and sunshine. It even tells you about your home and what toxins you should avoid.

Of course the book also has over 40 recipes and step-by-step exercises. Potential pitfalls are covered too. This is a very good informative book. Worth a read if you want to know more about the Paleo diet.

The Paleo movement is one of today’s hottest diet and healthy-eating approaches. The paleo diet is about using natural foods to achieve great health and a perfect physique. Published in January 2013, Living Paleo For Dummies gives readers a fun and practical guide for adopting paleo diet principles into their daily lives. Offering more than 40 recipes for all meals of the day, and providing tips for getting around common roadblocks such as eating out, this essential guide to adopting a primal diet also provides the latest, cutting edge research from genetics, biochemistry, and anthropology to help readers look, feel, and perform their best.


Acid Alkaline Diet For Dummies, by Julie Wilkinson

The whole acid/alkaline thing is something I have always been interested in. Occasionally I would get indigestion or acid reflux and I knew this meant I was not eating properly. In fact acid reflux is widely known to cause esophageal cancer so the need to get my body more alkaline was strong.

Like all of the diet books, the diet is written about in detail. What it entails, what it can do for you, the information on acids and alkaline and handy information boxes on a variety of things from the top ten reasons to pay attention to your diet to how long the digestion process takes.

Any diet can seem scary and too difficult but the acid/alkaline diet makes things easier by letting you follow an 80/20 rule. This means your food should be 80 per cent alkaline and 20 per cent acid-forming. And unlike the Paleo diet, the acid/alkaline diet tells you to limit the meat you eat, and to stay clear of red meat.

For inspiration the book also goes through the different systems in the body (digestive, muscular) and tells you what happens to each with an acid-forming diet. To be honest it really does make you think. The human body was never supposed to be acidic. The food we eat makes it so.

This book will be great for the results-driven. The author tells you how to check your PH balance and monitor your progress. You can even test the water in your area. The tests in this book are excellent. It tells you how to test your pulse, your body fat, your calorie needs: the list goes on.

It takes you through your food cupboards and tells you what to buy. Of course it also has a lot of delicious recipes and an exercise program. It has a section on overcoming PH obstacles and helps you eat well when out and about. All of the books do this but to be honest if you are going to the expense of eating out I think you should take a day off from your diet and eat whatever you want.

I loved this book. I have recommended it to my friends and family. I will do the same to you.

The acid alkaline diet is designed to restore the pH balance in our bodies. To keep healthy, the body needs balanced quantities of alkaline and acid substances, and a simple change in our diets to achieve this important acid-alkaline balance can result in a vast improvement in our overall health. Acid Alkaline Diet for Dummies will show readers how to restore the necessary pH balance and live a healthier life, covering areas including: Symptoms of a high acid diet; Foods to avoid; Foods that have a high alkaline quality;  and how to lose weight, prevent illness and increase energy. It also contains a month’s worth of grocery lists for items to have on hand and over 40 healthy recipes to help balance pH, making it easier to follow the acid alkaline diet


Belly Fat Diet For Dummies, by Erin Palinski-Wade

The main complaint with most of my friends is belly fat. Even if you are slim you can still get that little bit of fat that just won’t go away. So I was quite excited to review the belly fat diet book.

The book starts of with telling you about belly fat, what it is and what it can do to your health. It has tests and information to identify your body type to start you off. The great thing about this diet is that it tells you what to eat to lose the belly fat. Okay it also has a list of things you shouldn’t eat but the good list has enough delicious stuff to keep you going. Not only that but it also has the portion sizes which I find especially handy.

This book is great. It it has three different plans, which are different for men and women. The turbocharged plans are from level 1 to level 3. The step-by-step exercises are well laid out and there is also over 40 recipes. To help you along after you get started it also tells you how to overcome potential pitfalls and has a belly fat maintenance plan.

All in all an excellent book. For anyone who wants to get rid of their belly fat I would highly recommend it.

Including a proven 7-day quick-start programme, a no-gym fitness plan and a month’s worth of shopping lists and recipes, this recently published title gives readers the information they need to help them lose unwanted weight around the middle.

So which book is best? It is too hard to say as each diet would be best for different people. Each book is great and really gets to the nitty gritty of each diet. I would say you should look at your individual needs. For those with belly fat, the Belly Fat Diet would obviously benefit, if you want to go back to a more natural way of living and eat meat, the Paleo diet would suit you. If your PH balance is out of whack the Acid Alkaline diet will get you back on track. Of course you could try all of the diets and at Frost that is what we will be doing.

Are you on a diet? Let us know what diet you are doing and the results you are getting. We could write about you in a future article.