Apr 21

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Blemish Cream Review

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Mille Mackintosh

Everyone has the occasional break out no matter how good their skin is. I am no exception. The last spot cream I used seemed to take the occasional spot I got and multiply it so my usually clear skin had a bit of a freak out. Enter Manuka Doctor ApiClear Blemish Cream. I had high hopes for this as I have previously reviewed their face mask. It also has Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh as a fan.

Millie Says, I won’t be going to anywhere this year without Manuka Doctor’s ApiClear Blemish Cream. Breakouts often occur during festivals and holidays and so having this to instantly soothe my skin is a lifesaver! It is so easy to use – I just pop it in my bag and know that my skin will stay blemish free.

The cream has UMF 18+ Manuka Honey, witch hazel, vitamin E and Propolis. It is calm and cooling and non greasy. It doesn’t have any nasty parabens or SLS.

I use it on the occasional pimple and it does speed up the healing process. My skin looks a lot better. Considering how inexpensive it is (£5.99 from Holland & Barrett) I will be buying this when it runs out. A great little cream that helps clear up spots quickly.

Top marks.