Apr 19

May I Kill U? Film Review

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kevin bishop may i kill uI had no idea what to expect from May I Kill U? I thought it was a horror but googled it to learn that it was also a comedy and had noted British comedian Kevin Bishop in it. In fact this black comedy is sharp, dark and incredibly funny.

The film is also a modern take on society. It has a young police officer (Kevin Bishop) who becomes a social media literate vigilante serial killer. Quite a mouthful. He announces his kills on Twitter and asks his ‘fans’ advice on killing methods and who he should kill. It is a witty and smart take on modern society and crime.

The killer is very polite. Asking his victims if he can kill them and only doing so if they give him their permission. He announces certain areas crime free zones and warns there is a death penalty if this is broken. He bumps off drug dealers, people traffickers, wife abusers and thieves.

Director Stuart Urban previously directed a brilliant feature-length documentary, I Am Not Dead, about his father, a Polish Jewish doctor, who escaped the Nazis and the Soviet Union.

Frances Barber is excellent as the bitter mother who Bishop still lives with and Hayley-Marie Axe puts in a great performance as Bishop’s partner in the police force. The script is very well written, making the film a funny and modern comedy. Go see.

Runtime: 90 mins
Directors: Stuart Urban
Cast: Ali Craig, Frances Barber, Hayley-Marie Axe, Jack Doolan, Kasia Koleczek, Kevin Bishop, Rosemary Leach