Apr 17

The Top 5 City Breaks

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image010newyorkIf you’re bored of the usual beach holidays and crave a little more culture on your well-earned break then try a city break. Perfect for shorter holidays city breaks are a great way to get away from your everyday life and truly indulge. In most cases you’re only a short flight away from a memorable and meaningful break. So, what are you waiting for? All you need to do now is choose your destination and took make life a little easier we’ve listed our top 5 favourites.


New York

A firm favourite, especially around Christmas, New York is the ideal break for the super consumer. Shopping until you drop is easy in this bustling city but make sure you leave time for sightseeing and delving into the Big Apple’s dazzling nightlife. All of the major attractions will be calling your name the moment your feet land on New York concrete from Time Square and The Statue of Liberty to Central Park and the Empire State Building. Film buffs should head to the famous Film Forum and there’s plenty more culture to pack into your trip in the form of theatre trips and museum visits. All this activity should make you pretty hungry but there’s no chance of starving in this city, indulge in your own version of Man versus Food and scoff as much fine cuisine and famous fast food as you can.

By the time you leave, we guarantee you’ll be singing this city’s praises, just like Frank Sinatra.



For the ultimate VIP city break that combines beaches with culture, all tied together in a concrete jungle, Dubai is the perfect choice. Dubai’s skyline is ever changing and whilst you’re there you should drink in as much of its development as possible and one infamous part of that skyline is the Burj Al Arab. Check this world famous hotel out for yourself to see if it really does deserve its 7 star rating. By day you can sip refreshing drinks by the pool or sink your toes into warm sands and when night falls you can eat at world-class restaurants and dance until dawn at one of the city’s famous clubs. If you feel like you need a break from the glitz and glamour rent a car and hit the road to Abu Dhabi, Dubai’s calmer relative.

Once a humble fishing village Dubai is now a must-see metropolitan city, with great beaches thrown in for free.



Fancy a tipple? Then head to Dubai! The famous home of Guinness is a hive of activity and a firm favourite for large groups. The social scene begins right from the moment you wake up with trips to The Guinness Brewery that include a full tour and a glass of the famous black stuff. Dublin’s attractions are all easily accessible on foot and a stroll through Temple Bar is punctuated with bars and souvenir shops but if you want to do something a little different, head to Dublin’s Leprechaun Museum.



Well know for both its beauty and its risqué darker side, Amsterdam will definitely leave you open-mouthed. Do as the Dutch do and hire a bike to cycle along this city’s winding canals and onto it’s cultural hot spots including the Van Gogh Museum and the Albert Cuyup outdoor market or to one of the many cafés.

Hop onto a canal boat to see the city from the water and delve into a slice of history by visiting the house of Anne Frank. If you’re feeling a little racy, head to the famous Red Light District to take a sneak peek at another world, but keep your wits about you!



The Eternal City is another firm favourite among tourists, especially couples. Rome is dripping with history and culture with plenty to tick off on your ‘must-see’ list. Make like Russell Crowe’s character from Gladiator and visit the well-known landmark, the Colosseum where you can learn about the city’s battles.

For a bit of popular culture, head to the Vatican to see if you can catch a glimpse of the newest Pope and the staring up at the celiling of the Sistine Chapel is well worth a sore neck!

When you have had your fill of history, fill your belly at one of the city’s many piazzas, squares brimming with shops and authentic dishes to try.