Apr 13

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream | Beauty Review

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31IEYvjSZiL._SY300_This multitasking cream is big in Japan and has been around for 50 years. Yu-Be is one of the most trusted skincare brands in Japan. The cream is a bit like the Japanese Eight Hour Cream, it can be used on lips, face, hands, calluses, cuticles, dry skin, nappy rash and cracked heels. It is especially good on very dry skin. The crazy weather has been really drying my skin out and this amazing cream sorts it out.

This concentrated glycerin-based formula is enriched with vitamin E, B2, and camphor to soothe even the driest and irritated of skin types. A little goes a long way which makes it economical as well as brilliant. It also reduces scarring and fine lines.

It is a thick, yellow cream but it absorbs well and quickly. It smells medicinal to begin with but it does not linger. I love this Yu-Be moisturising cream. It gets the Frost magazine stamp of approval. It really works.


Vitamin-enriched skincare cream, Yu-Be, launches in UK following demand from cult fan base in the UK Soft Skin Secret
The number one selling skincare product in Japan has hit the UK.
Yu-Be has long been a must-have for generations of Japanese families thanks to its multitasking properties: from soothing severe dry skin and razor burn to reducing scarring and fine lines.
The iconic orange and white pot has also lined make-up bags of beauty experts across the world
for over 50 years, as its ultra-smoothing properties and non-greasy formula make for an all-natural makeup primer, with no artificial colours or fragrances.
Yu-Be for all
The secret behind this ultra-moisturising cream lies in its uniquely high glycerin
content which treats a multitude of skin issues head-to-toe: from split cuticles,
windburn and frostbite in the winter, to sunburn and chapped lips in the summer.
Yu-Be is a staple for most Japanese families as it has been proven to relieve nappy
rash, eczema and dermatitis as well as reducing stretch marks and scarring. Dancers
and explorers also rely on the cream to restore cracked heels and calluses.


The Yu-Be Story
Yu-Be was invented in 1957 by a young pharmacist, Yoshikiyo Nowatari, determined
to cure his patient of chronic dry skin. He combined glycerin – known for its
moisture-retaining properties – with camphor, a natural product found in ancient
Asian remedies to relieve irritation and smooth skin, as well as Vitamins B2, C and E.
Yu-Be is one of the iconic brands that has helped Japan rise to become one of the
leading regions for skincare innovation in the 21st Century.Available from Boots:

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream Original Japanese Formula is available from Boots.