May 03

Business Continuity For Dummies | Book Review

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Business ContinuityI must confess that when I first saw the title of this book I was unsure what ‘business continuity’ actually meant. Was it to make sure that your business has the same branding through every part of the business? No, it is more obvious: it is to ensure the continuation of your business. Makes sense. The book tells you all about business continuity and helps you understand it.

Wiley, the publisher who published the For Dummies imprint, say: “Business continuity is all about having plans in place to enable your business to cope if disaster strikes in the form of fire, flood, terrorist attack, or simply if a key supplier lets you down.”

This book has five authors, which I think is a good thing, as they all have obviously written about their knowledge in their areas. Building a business is hard and it is a sad fact that most businesses fail. Prior research and the information in this book can help that. I found the chapter on achieving rapid results and quick wins particularly good. It even gave me some ideas for Frost.

Another thing I really like about the book is how easy it is to read (something that all of the For Dummies books have in common). The tables and checklists make me much more productive than a densely written book. After reading the book cover to cover I would highly recommend it for business owners. It just has so much information on recognising and avoiding risk. Each chapter has excellent information on keeping your business baby alive. It sets out an entire business continuity plan for you. An impressive and informative book. Don’t get a consultant, save your money and buy the book instead.

Business Continuity For Dummies