May 31

Hair loss and thinning – the common condition that women don’t talk about

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hair lossIt will happen to half of all women at some point in their lives, but now a new poll of more than 4,000 people in the UK* suggests hair loss and thinning is the ultimate taboo.

The research by Viviscal hair supplements, reveals the lengths men and women will go to in disguising their hair loss. Tricks include colouring in their scalp with a pen and rubbing coffee into their scalp to hide the tell-tale signs.

The main causes of hair loss are thought to be lifestyle factors, such as stress, crash diets, hair extensions and also pregnancy.

The research also reveals the impact that our hair has on our lives with four fifths (80%) saying a good hair day would affect their mood, while a third (34%) say a bad hair day would make them feel self-conscious.

Despite more than half of those questioned saying they feel their hair loss makes them more self-conscious, more than two thirds (69%) have never used any treatment to help them with their thinning hair.

A new statistically significant clinical study in to Viviscal’s drug and hormone free marine supplements has shown promising results for people who experience hair loss or hair thinning, with the trial showing that a two-a-day supplement reduces hair shedding and increases hair thickness, and that women on the trial saw improvement in overall hair volume.**

*Stress is the most common cause of female hair loss, accounting for 34% cases, followed by the hormonal changes after pregnancy, accounting for 22% cases.

**25% of women say they spend 15 minutes on their hair every day, while one in ten (12%) take 30 minutes and 3% even admit to taking an hour.