May 29

Kallo Chocolate Rice Cake Thins | Snack Review & Competition

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Kallo Rice Cake ThinsI love Kallo rice cakes so when the chocolate rice cake thins came it perked up my day. I uploaded a picture to instagram, and my, what a reaction. Turns out I am the last of my friends to try them. My friend Steve McAleavy said, “The dark chocolate ones are FAB ! Gluten/Dairy/Wheat/Egg free ! Allergy Safe for most people – but most of all YUMMY ! There you go, I wrote your review for you.”

KJ Issacs said, “They taste great!!” and my friend, photographer Kezia Campbell, also noted that the dark chocolate ones are suitable for vegans.

But what did I think? Yum mostly. The come in milk chocolate and dark Belgian chocolate. They are super tasty, healthy and only 55 calories each. Though I never ate just one they were still diet friendly. They are also organic and wheat free with no gluten containing ingredients, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

I have been trying to be healthy lately but always end up caving and eating an unhealthy snack. The real reason Kallo Rice Cake Thins are great and have my full approval is because I will be buying them again. In bulk.

Tasty and healthy. What’s not to like? Read below for how to win some.

Boycott the Biscuit this summer with Kallo Chocolate Rice Cake Thins

We all know the snack temptation that hits mid-afternoon – lunch has come and gone, dinner is still hours away and it’s all too easy to reach for the biscuit jar to curb those cravings. This summer make better snacking choices and boycott the biscuit with Kallo’s Organic Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins, the perfect way to get your daily chocolate hit with fewer calories.

Nutritionist Jane Clarke says ‘regularly eating snacks, like biscuits, are responsible for thousands of empty calories being consumed by Brits every day. I’d recommend choosing wholegrain, slow release energy snacks when you’re truly hungry to help manage weight and maintain a healthier diet and productivity, without sugar slumps.’

Kallo’s Rice Cake Thins are made with the finest organic Belgian milk or plain chocolate and puffed brown rice. They are made to a wheat free recipe with no gluten containing ingredients, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and at just 56 calories for the milk chocolate thins, and 55 calories for the dark chocolate, they won’t ruin the bikini diet either.

To help you stick to your healthy eating plans, Kallo has launched an online pledge where you can pledge to boycott the biscuit during June. Head to www.saykallo.com and pledge to swap your usual biscuits for Kallo’s Chocolate Rice Cake Thins for a healthier snacking month – what’s more, we’re giving away 2,500 packs of Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Thins to those of you who commit to ditch the biscuit. Happy snacking!