May 15

Oliver Heath Eco Product Round Up

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Oliver Heath ***Pic by David McHugh 07768 721637***When we hear the word ‘eco friendly’ we don’t often picture design or beauty, however as demand grows for energy efficient products the design world has responded by not only bringing some attractive but also clever products to the market.

Sustainable architectural and interior designer Oliver Heath has created a list of his favourite eco products. He is supporting The Green Deal, an energy saving initiative from the Government that lets you pay for some of the cost of making energy-saving property improvements, over time, through savings on your energy bills. Improvements available include insulation, heating, draught-proofing and double-glazing.

If these products have got you thinking more about energy efficiency then free and impartial advice about the Green Deal is available by calling the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or visit www.gov.uk/greendeal

Waterpebble £9.99 from waterpebble_Nigelsecostore.com



‘People don’t often realise you pay for water three times: to run it, heat it and get rid of it. By using the water pebble you can reduce the amount of water you use. Place the pebble near the plughole and it will monitor how much you use during your shower, flashing red to indicate when you should finish showering.’


Bosch Styline Sensor Kettle www.bhs.co.uk £70.00

This stylish Bosch kettle not only looks good but features a stainless steel filter which means lime scale doesn’t collect so you won’t find yourself wasting water by emptying the kettle to get rid of it. The kettle also features different temperature gauges so you don’t need to take your water to boiling point if it isn’t needed.’

Siemens IQ-700 SN26T595GB Dishwasher  www.appliancesonline.co.uk £810

Dishwashers are often seen as one of the homes biggest energy wasters, as older models don’t hold an A+++ energy rating. This dishwasher is the perfect solution for those people looking to be more energy efficient but don’t want to lose the convenience of a dishwasher as you can save 230kWh and 2,800 litres of water per year when you use its eco setting.’

Insulating door draught excluder

John Lewis linen and suede draught excluder £29

It doesn’t matter what kind of house you live in, there will always be a draught coming from somewhere. People often forget that draft excluders can make a huge difference to the warmth of a house, whilst also adding character to a room. Draught excluders offer a huge range of designs and keep the cold air out and warm air in so you stay warm and cosy and don’t have to turn up the thermostat. If you’re feeling creative then you could even make your own.’

Melin Tregwnt2- www.thewoolcompany.co.uk

Melin Tregwnt Shetland wool throw  www.melintregwynt.co.uk £115

When you sit still in the house you feel colder. Rather than turning up the thermostat why not wrap up in a throw that keeps you warm and also looks great during the day draped across the sofa. Melin Tregwynt are made from soft 100% Shetland wool and hand stitched in a variation of colours to suit any home.’

Blok Radiator- bisque.co.uk

Bisque blok radiator


Prices start at £534 (model: BL 60-70)


Radiators are a staple in most homes but they’re not often known for looking stylish. Bisque’s sleek aluminium radiators use less energy to heat, come in a range of colours, and are clever enough to respond to changes in room temperature.’

AGA-Stretton-Stove- agaliving.com

The Stretton wood burning stove from Aga www.agaliving.com £967 or £1,147 for the smoke-exempt model

Wood burning stoves are one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable power you can incorporate into your home. They have a zero carbon footprint as any carbon dioxide produced by burning woodfuel is the same carbon dioxide absorbed by the tree when it was growing. AGA’s range of wood burning stoves would fit into any home modern or old, making your home feel warm and cosy.’

LED Desk Lamp situ-lit

LED desk lamp  www.clifford-james.co.uk £29.99

Containing a row of 42 tiny LED lights, this energy efficient desk lamp operates on just 3 watts of electricity. LEDs produce a much clearer, brighter light than traditional lamps and each LED will last 100,000 hours. Its slim design will fit perfectly onto an office desk or bedside table.’

Watson Solar plus

Wattson Solar Plus energy monitor  www.nigelsecostore.com £139.99

Place the Wattson Solar Plus in your kitchen or living room and it will measure how much energy your home consumes and produces. The statistics are displayed by colour coded numbers showing your homes energy usage in cost, watts and carbon. Having your energy use on display means that you can review how much energy your home produces and will make you aware of the devices using the most so you can think about what you can change to reduce it.’

Ecobutton -ecobutton.com

The EcoButton www.ecobutton.com £12.99

We’ve all said we’re popping out for ten minutes and then returned two hours later, your computer still running. The EcoButton is a great solution to this. Plug into your computer or laptop using the USB connector then press the button before you leave and it will put your computer into sleep mode reducing its usage from 80 watts to 1.8 watts.’

Earthborn paints2.- ecocentric.co.uk

Earthborn Coloured Clay Paints http://www.ecocentric.co.uk/ £29.40

(2.5 litres)These eco friendly paints don’t contain any harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) emitted from other paints meaning you can decorate your home in a healthy and eco friendly environment. This low odour clay paint comes in a range of earthborn colours, from pale pinks to subtle blues and greens.’

Dulux Light and Space Reflective Paint  www.homebase.co.uk£24.99

This paint is perfect for when you have a small room you want to make brighter. It claims to reflect twice as much light as conventional paint so you can make the most of the natural light.’

Bloom pendent light shade- Nigelsecostore.com

Bloom pendant light shade http://www.nigelsecostore.com/ £36.95

This pendant light shade made of recycled material polypropylene would look great in a hallway or dining room. It’s designed and manufactured in Britain so it has a low carbon footprint and has also created no landfill waste during production.

Howdens Bespoke Energy Efficient Glass Door www.howdens.com Price available upon request

I’m a big fan of using glass panel doors in hallways as well as for the front and back door. They let light filter from one space to another brightening dark hallways and reducing the amount of electricity you use. External doors can be double or triple glazed to reduce heat loss whilst all glass doors will need to be toughened for safety. I’d recommend it with a frosted glass panel which creates a glow of light into rooms.’

Trento Night- Ecofreak.co.uk

Trento Spot solar powered garden light  www.ecofreak.co.uk£49.95

Energy efficiency isn’t just for inside the home, it’s for the garden too. There are some fantastic solar charged lights available including the Trento Spot. Its brightness is similar to that of any other low voltage garden light and doesn’t require any assembly. Placing a few of them in the garden can add atmosphere to any BBQ.’


Neff induction hob www.neff.co.uk Prices available upon request

Induction hobs heat only the base of ferrous pans so no heat is wasted, meaning they are extremely energy efficient. It’s something I always suggest to clients when they are making improvements to their kitchen.’

Philips Energy saving Light Bulb- www.philips.co.uk.

Energy saving lightbulbs  http://www.philips.co.uk Prices start at £3.00

A simple one but often overlooked, energy saving light bulbs are the first step in becoming more energy efficient. It’s estimated you can save up to £55 a year by swapping all of the bulbs in your house to energy efficient ones.’

Mira eco shower head http://www.mirashowers-store.co.uk/ Prices start at £40.80

This shower-head can reduce water flow dramatically with no loss in quality of showering experience due to its water aerating spray technology.’


 What is your favourite eco product?