May 20

The Pre-Baby List: Things To Do Before You Have Children

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gorgeousbabyA pre-baby what? A pre-baby list. Not for women who are pregnant and the dad-to-be, but for people who haven’t had children. Kids might be great but you can’t say they don’t cramp your style. My nephew is now two-years-old and has expanded my brothers life, but also allowed him less freedom. So I am not only compiling a list of things to do in your pre-baby years, but I am also writing a book on it, and I would love you to contribute. Just comment below on the things you think everyone should do before they have children. I have a few of my own below to start things off. I will be adding to the list and also keep you updated on the book. Here goes!

1) Go to Paris on the Eurostar.

2) Go to a music festival.

3) Go to London Fashion Week

4) Go scuba diving.

5) Get your driving license and have a roadtrip around America.

6) Have a roadtrip around Europe.

7) Spend weekends sleeping in late and doing absolutely nothing.

8) Read books

9) Buy the Sunday papers and read them (almost) cover to cover.

10) Learn a new skill

What do you think should be added? Comment below.

  • @QcattQ

    Go to the cinema, theatre, pub. Watch live music. Take up volunteering. Stay out all night and sleep all day. Dream big. Get it all out of your system so that when you are a parent, you don’t feel as though you’re missing out.