May 31

The Promise: Never Have Another Negative Thought Again

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neverhaveanothernegativethoughtThe Promise: Never Have Another Negative Thought Again comes with high praise indeed.

‘If a book could change the world and the lives of everyone in it, this is surely such a book.’ Mark Nesbitt, director of Urbanark Group

‘Occasionally there’s someone saying something that makes you stop and listen. Graham W Price is one of these. His teaching is truly powerful.’ London Magazine

‘The most useful and effective training I’ve come across in 25 years.’ Michael Queen, CEO of 3i, a FTSE 100 company

‘I cannot recommend it enough. Nothing phases me anymore.’ Simone Plaut, manager, MS Society

Wow. Popular indeed. The blurb reads:

What would it be like to eliminate negative thoughts from your life? To remove regret, worry and dissatisfaction and never feel stressed again? To take on whatever life throws at you with confidence and an unwavering resilience? To achieve whatever you want to achieve and enjoy great relationships. With The Promise, you can – that’s a promise.

Based on an extraordinary truth that few are aware of, you’ll develop powerful new ways of looking at life and discover how to:

Replace negative thoughts with positive action.
Banish stress, regret, disappointment and worry from your life.
Calmly manage any challenging situation, no matter how big or small.

The Promise is a book that changes your thinking. Positive acceptance, or pacceptance as the author Graham W Price calls it, is the first step. Instead of getting upset about things you cannot fix you accept it instead. It has exercises and an action summary of each chapter, and all of the previous ones too.

Banning worry, accepting fear but getting on with it and less wishing, more action might seem like basic things we know why should not but might not get round to doing. But the book is not just self help and useful advice, it works on your way of thinking so you can reach your full potential. I like the book and found it very helpful. The summary and examples at the end were great, as were the exercises.

A great book if you are lagging behind and want to up your game.