Jun 26

Brugal Rum Cocktails | Cocktails and Rum Review

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Brugal Rum is the Caribbean and Spain’s No 1 selling rum. High praise indeed. It is 100% Dominican and has 80% of the market in the Dominican Republic. I received some bottles of the beautifully packaged rum; The Brugal Aňejo (RRP £20.29) and the Brugal Especial Extra Dry (RRP £20.27). I mean, look at it, if this bottle of rum was a model it would be Naomi Campbell. I love the rope detail. It just looks beautiful. But beauty alone does not make the world go around and taste is what really matters when it comes to rum. So let’s make some cocktails….


Brugal Especial Extra Dry with Lemonade. Delicious. Just a great mix. These two clear liquids work well together.

The Brugal Aňejo with Ginger Beer. Rum and Ginger Beer is one of my favourite drinks. It is just a classic exotic drink.

I decided to make my own cocktail called Fruity Brugal. The ingredients are Lemonade, orange juice, lime, lemon, sugar and Brugal Especial Extra Dry.The Fruity Brugal. Cocktail created by Frost Magazine.

Put the rum in first. You need a shot of rum. Squeeze the lemon and lime in.
Add orange juice and then add lemonade.
Add a teaspoon of sugar and stir. Serve over ice.

I love rum and the amount of drinks you can make with it is vast.

Add your own cocktail recipes below.

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